Vintage FNM @ The Comic Book Depot 12/2/16 EE Satelitte Series

  • The Comic Book Depot presents Vintage FNM EE Satellite Series
    Friday Dec 2nd at 8:00pm
    Fee is $10.00
    at 8 players
    1st gets $60 credit
    2nd gets $20 credit

    In addition for the EE Satelittle Series
    EESS Point Prizes:
    1st place: 5 Points
    2nd place: 3 Points
    3rd-4th place: 2 Point


    4-0: 5 Points
    3-1: 2 Points

    Requires winning decklist or picture of deck laid out.

    We are now doing this every Vintage FNM.

    15 proxy's allowed

  • I should be there. Really looking forward to playing!

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