Hello all,

I recently moved to Grand Rapids, MI. Does anyone play Vintage around here? It's been a few years, but I wouldn't mind playing again. The only other format I really play is EDH. I have very little interest in Legacy, Modern, Standard, limited, etc.

Old School also sounds like an amazing format, but I won't hold my breath. 🙂


@Ophidian I do. And man am I looking to play. My wife and I play each other on a daily basis, but beyond that there isn't much around from the looks of it. We both live south of Kzoo and it's all Modern and EDH down here. I would love to get something going though.

I can also tell you that @CHA1N5 of So-Many-Insane-Plays fame lives in our neck of the woods as well. So I hope he's checking this thread. With a little poking around you can follow him on twitter, which is what he suggested I do when I saw him at an Ohio Tourney some time ago.

Hope that helps, and if you get wind of anything do please let me know. And welcome to paradise my friend.

Hello, @Ophidian , I do live in GR. I'll be at FNM at Big Kidz Games this Friday night, if you'd like to meet. I go there to trade, play some EDH, draft and (rarely) test Vintage.

If you'd like to chat, I prefer Twitter (@kevincron).

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Thanks for the replies. I'll be busy tomorrow, but I'll try to swing by BKG tonight to check it out. Maybe that could serve as the Vintage hangout. Looks like the best shop in the area. Looking forward to meeting you guys at some point.

@Ophidian If there were the promise of solid vintage in GR my wife and I would certainly be able to drive up 131 for it. It's about an hour, but I'm happy to make the drive.

@Ophidian Sorry, I just found out that I CANNOT make it to FNM tomorrow night. Still, I want to get together with you soon.

FYI: there is Vintage at RIW on Sunday.

I don't live in Michigan, but visit family in Kzoo once or twice a year. If time is available, always excited to play some Vintage.

Created an account to post here. I'm a casual vintage player who started in 94 and am currently living in South Bend, IN.

Long time lurker on TMD. Have some power - not all though. I'm strictly paper. I play 9394, Vintage, and EDH over Skype with my buddies in New England every other week. It's very casual / kitchen style.

If there was a proxi event in SW MI I could get on my schedule far enough in advance I'd strongly try and go. Always nice to know other local players. Perhaps we'll get to meet / play / trade some day.

I also play vintage in lansing area. The best tournament scene for it is a monthly event at RIW hobbies in the detroit area.

Its really your best bet for what your looking for,

I live in Kalamazoo and am happy to say we have several vintage regulars! In fact, a large group of us are going to RIW this weekend to play (Sunday). Also, there is a shop in Battle Creek that will soon be hosting tournaments so that I can move them out of my basement.

Hope to see you around!

@Solomoxen I live down by Three Rivers. Let's play sometime.

I played against you at RIW last year, I remember that now! Are you coming this weekend?

@Solomoxen I am. Who were you? Which deck did you play?

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@Topical_Island I remember you were on oath. I think this was the tournament I tried out Eldrazi for the first time

@Solomoxen Yeah!... I got lucky in that match. I remember just randomly finding Oath and all the right cards the entire time.

Ha! I don't remember the match details, but I do remember you were a fun opponent and good guy. I do recall getting your info (which I still have), and I will get you on the invite list for our upcoming tournament.

@Solomoxen Kari and I are planning to drive to Detroit for the RIW tourney this weekend. I hope to see you there.

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I live in Holland, MI myself and would love to play more vintage. I'm sure I saw both of you at the RIW tournament yesterday, but I don't know which ones you are. If you can get something going on the west side of the state, I would love to know. Kevin Cron I believe is somewhere around the area too.

@mdkubiak Cron lives in GR. I'm in Three Rivers (Basically). And there are a couple more from K-zoo and Battle Creek. I hear that there is going to be something starting up at BC games in Battle Creek soon. Here's hoping.

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