Vintage in West Michigan

  • @Solomoxen Kari and I are planning to drive to Detroit for the RIW tourney this weekend. I hope to see you there.

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    I live in Holland, MI myself and would love to play more vintage. I'm sure I saw both of you at the RIW tournament yesterday, but I don't know which ones you are. If you can get something going on the west side of the state, I would love to know. Kevin Cron I believe is somewhere around the area too.

  • @mdkubiak Cron lives in GR. I'm in Three Rivers (Basically). And there are a couple more from K-zoo and Battle Creek. I hear that there is going to be something starting up at BC games in Battle Creek soon. Here's hoping.

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    Otherwise we could try to organize a mini tournament and tests decks. I'd be game for that for an evening. :)

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    Tropical Island or solomoxen, neither of you are the two people I talked about storm too?

  • @mdkubiak I was the dude on Oathstill, all bundled up with a coat and scarf. My wife Kari was there playing Gush. I talked to a lot of people, but I don't think I talked to anyone about Storm. Who were you?

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    @Topical_Island I was the newb playing Storm with no idea on what he was doing. But hey, paradoxical outcome is AWESOME. :)

    Um... six footish guy, giant head, slightly overweight, with a beautiful Chinese girlfriend (though she only popped in and out). Can't remember what shirt I was wearing. I kept talking to Ben and Kevin throughout the night.

  • @mdkubiak YEAH... the really tall dude talking to the really tall other dude named Kevin Cron! Sweet. I do remember you, though we never spoke. Hopefully next time.

    I'd love to talk storm or anything else with you. And yes... outcome is pretty nuts.

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    It's more like the really tall dude and the tall but slightly shorter then the really tall dude. :) Lets try to get a vintage scene going on in West Michigan. :)

  • I love you all. I am on the east side and organize the monthly events at RIW hobbies. I can be found on twitter as @librarianofleng and on facebook as Shaman Ben, and I try to get on here at least once a week. If you fine folk decide to organize anything formal I will do my best to get a car of people out. Next time I will try to spend a little time networking everyone a little better, I know most people in the scene and it would be great for all of us to be able to put faces to online personas.

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