YouTube video on Vintage Goblin Charbelcher strategies in 2016

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    YouTube video on Vintage Goblin Charbelcher strategies in 2016

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  • @yugular good stuff

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    @ajfirecracker Thank you. I appreciate it.

  • Nice summary - I've had fun playing both landless and landed Belcher with leylines for a while. I need to find more answers to null rod effects, but hilarious to play.

  • @portland I recently put Leyline-Anticipation Belcher together and you're right. Null Rod absolutely kills the deck. Even maxing out on Hurkyl's Recall in the SB doesn't seem good enough. I don't like the idea of mulling to FOW for me to have a chance in the game. That being said, it is the most fun deck I've ever played so I'm hell bent on making it more resilient. Maybe Elvish Spirit Guide-Land Grant-Trop package in the SB?

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    Yeah Null Rod is tough to beat. So is Leyline of Anticipation, you need to assemble a quick keyvault combo to beat LoA.

  • Definitely a place for recall, especially as you're often shuffling them back in, or having them discard to wheel/windfall but void snare/chain of vapor can deal with the troublesome enchantments too. I've found that on the draw, mull to FoW or Leyline and business is sometimes a necessary evil. Still not lost a shops matchup (fingers crossed.) Did the grant package, but found it took a lot of slots up sadly.

    Funniest win vs rod with a leyline down was was by in response making vault key, having an extra turn, playing outcome to make it again for 2 extra turns, then making Tezz before allowing the rod to resolve (keeping FoW back to stop anything scary in the meantime for rest of opponenet's turn.) Untap, tick up Tezz, repeat, swing for about 40. People watching thought I was insane to let the rod resolve, but I just thought it was funnier this way and it's a deck about having fun tbh.

  • Thanks for making these, man! 😄

  • @portland Do you think I could see your decklist?

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    @Brass-Man said in YouTube video on Vintage Goblin Charbelcher strategies in 2016:

    Thanks for making these, man! 😄


    People please feel free to give me honest feedback from the videos. I have limited resources (mainly time) but my aim is to create content to as many Vintage players and followers as possible. Positive feedback is nice, but constructive critisism is golden! Especially if it is something that I can consider in the future. I am who I am and my skill level or tone won't change a much, but something else might be under consideration.

  • @GoodGod

    I chop lists around depending on expected meta, think last one (which topped 6 rnd Swiss before me derping in the 1/4 due to late night beer and Old School the day before) was something like this:

    Tolarian Academy
    Black Lotus
    2 Chrome Mox
    Lion's Eye Diamond
    Lotus Petal
    Mana Crypt
    Mana Vault
    Mox Emerald
    Mox Jet
    3 Mox Opal
    Mox Pearl
    Mox Ruby
    Mox Sapphire
    Sol Ring
    Time Vault
    Voltaic Key
    2 Expedition Map
    2 Goblin Charbelcher
    Memory Jar
    4 Day's Undoing
    Demonic Tutor
    4 Gitaxian Probe
    Time Walk
    Wheel of Fortune
    Ancestral Recall
    4 Force of Will
    Pact of Negation
    3 Paradoxical Outcome
    4 Leyline of Anticipation
    1 Dack Fayden
    3 Notion Thief
    4 Simian Spirit Guide

    3 Defense Grid
    3 Grafdigger's Cage
    2 Hurkyl's Recall
    2 Mental Misstep
    Tormod's Crypt
    Mishra's Workshop
    Tezzeret the Seeker
    Void Snare
    Gut Shot

    Thief is ridiculous in the mirror or vs paradoxical storm. Respond to your outcome by dropping thief, force backup, then wheel for (as an onlooker said) the money shot, while laughing at the flusterstorm hand the opponent drops.

  • @yugular Cracking article - one possible thing to add may be a bit more depth on bording. Lot of people see a stock list and never bring gut shots in, despite them being needed to deal with Thalia, phyrexian evil crabs etc.