1/22/17 - Livonia, MI - RIW Hobbies Monthly TSO Unlimited Proxy Vintage

  • We are kicking off the new year with our Monthly Vintage event, and also celebrating my birthday with a great day of cards and community.

    RIW Hobbies
    29571 Five Mile Road
    Livonia, MI 48154

    January 22nd. Store opens at noon, play begins at 1pm.

    Entry: $10

    Prize: $20 in store credit per player will be divided amongst top finishers.

    We will play Swiss+1 rounds based on attendance to encourage play and ensure we get to play plenty of vintage.

    We are pretty liberal about proxies. They should be easy to identify by your opponent (printed slips in front of basic lands is the easiest way to achieve this, but we will allow just about anything that is indistinguishable from the other cards in the deck and can be properly randomized.) This is not complicated, but if you have any questions feel free to message me.

    Aether Revolt is released two days before this event, and it will be your first chance to to try out new and exciting cards. I have a door prize for the player using the most Aether Revolt cards in their deck.

    New starting with this event, I will be collecting Deck Lists. The purpose of this is to showcase our tournament with a write up afterwards. I will post decklists on the MANA DRAIN shortly following the event. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me.

    We have had a range of players from 10 to 24 this past year, and we are not only looking forward to continuing these events but also growing them. We would love to see you. Come out and celebrate with us.

  • just over a week away.

    For those attending, I will have a handful of these black lotus brewery mugs available

    [link text]https://twitter.com/LibrarianOfLeng/status/816045512621195264(link url)

  • Great tournament! Thank you for hosting this event.

  • This was a lot of fun. The vintage community is really great.

  • I had a great time, thanks again Ben! Happy to leave with a masterpiece Sphere and a sweet new Black Lotus mug!

  • @Solomoxen Yeah... gosh darn it... I realized in the car home that I finished just out of the running for the mug. And there was real pain.

    It was great playing with you. Looking forward to doing it again.

  • TMD Supporter

    Excellent event. I try to make it there every time I can, weather and schedule permitting. :) Worth the 2 hour drive.

  • Thanks to everyone that came out. 24 was an amazing way to start the new year. I will be working on decklists and a write up tomorrow evening if life does not disrupt my work

  • @Topical_Island I dont understand out of the running for the Mug, I got 2ns and didn't get a Mug, even tried to buy one, no luck... @Solomoxen told me he bought it I thought

  • As always a blast! I can't wait for the next one!

  • @thediabetical Oh I thought they were prizes... whatever. I was kidding around anyway. (Sure Bill... keep telling yourself that.)

  • @Topical_Island I think you/we might know someone who could get you the hookup for the next tourney.

  • I was selling the mugs, but I do have a pint glass for whoever had the most aer cards. I left the decklists at the shop and work has swamped me this week, I will stop by to get them tomorrow and award it to the winner either at their convenience or at the next event

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