Weekly Wednesdays - Las Vegas, NV - Wii Play Games West - West Coast/Southwest

  • Every Wednesday at Wii Play Games West we will be having a 75 proxy unsanctioned vintage event. We are welcoming any and all new players to join us for an entry level introduction to the format. The group is small, but the event fires. You will have an opportunity to learn the format and grow as a player. Start time is 6:30. Entry is $5 with 100% going to the prize pool. Please take the time to print out your proxies, or make them look nice. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. The address is as follows:

    2350 S Rainbow Blvd #5, Las Vegas, NV 89146

    I currently have four spare full proxy decks that are open for use at the event. I will be making a couple more in time. I look forward to seeing some new faces!

  • Start time is 630.

  • bump bump bump

  • Hum only if I had seen this earlier... I'm in Vegas (no deck, though). I'd have played today anyway with your spare decks... This happening any other day this week?

  • We will be playing again next wednesday and every wednesday. I'd be happy to meet up and jam some games if you want. How long are you in town for? Or are you local?

  • @footemanchu I'm from Brazil and am in Vegas just until the 26th. PM me and maybe we can arrange to play! :)

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