December MTGO Power 9 Challenge (request for watching replays)

  • I don't think there's been a post on this yet:

    The MTGO Power 9 is today at 2pm EST/11am EST.

    Due to the unfortunate timing on New Year's Eve I am equipped only with my laptop which doesn't have enough RAM to reliably run MTGO. To anyone playing in the event: if you are willing to take some time out of your New Year's Eve to watch replays (and take a screenshot of the pairings) once the event finishes Matt and I would greatly appreciate it.

    Reply here or PM me for details.


    boin white eldrazi
    wappla white eldrazi
    Avignon urw mentor
    The Atog Lord urw mentor
    Thermia urw mentor
    jcardshark urw mentor
    oompaloompa urw mentor
    withmk2 uw standstill
    stsung urw delver
    thediabetical ubg standstill
    thedoh uw standstill
    kingneckbeard pitch dredge
    kozel po storm
    mrp900 ubg oath
    murtidash urw mentor
    egget uw mentor
    lllllll pitch dredge
    trax shops
    missclique urw delver
    raziel282 po storm
    justin_sane po mentor
    shandalarian dredge
    clone9 dp storm
    mr. random uw standstill
    holyshamgar po storm
    tkc55 doomsday
    keiesu gush ascendancy
    arcticx78 urw mentor
    sandydogmtg po storm
    kurdog urw mentor
    atog_215 po storm
    thepowernine bug oath
    putrid_imp po storm
    mikedevoe urb titi
    k0de shops
    kdbkgb pitch dredge
    archae27 esper control
    wiess dp storm
    kowallazy uw meditate
    Third_SOG uwb gush

  • Dat 7-1 though.

  • Congrats to Rich, I'm just happy to finally have been able to play in one of these (although the reason I could is less exciting). I'm proud of handing him his only loss during the swiss but the finals were a bit lackluster :(

  • Thanks folks! Thermia, those were great games. Well done defeating me in the Swiss. And those games in t8 were extremely close.

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