Vintage 1K Credit Silver EE Satelite Series Event 1/29/17

  • The Comic Book Depot is running a $1,000 credit Vintage EE Satelite Series Silver event .

    Silver events up the excitement by awarding enough EEPoints for a bye to a future Eternal Extravaganza Main Event for someone who doesn't already have one, and awarding more EEPoints to top finishers who may be looking to reach higher reward tiers.

    1st Place: 50 EEPoints and a Winner's Trophy! 2nd Place: 25 EEPoints 3rd-4th Place: 10 EEPoints

    Silver events will also be given 2 playmats from Eternal Extravaganzas past to be given as door prizes

    This is a REL event.
    Decklist required

    The details:


    $30 (cash only), 15 proxy, unsanctioned Vintage tournament.

    Prize structure for 27 competitors:

    1st: $400 store credit
    2nd: $200 store credit
    3rd-4th: $100 store credit
    5th-8th: $50 store credit


    The Comic Book Depot
    2847 Jerusalem Avenue
    Wantagh, NY 11793-2016
    (516) 221-9337


    Sunday, Jan 29th
    Store opens at 11:00am
    11:30 am registration
    12:00 pm start

    The aforementioned prizes are in store credit only, based on attendance of 27 players. If you do the math, at 27 players we only take in $810 and give out $1,000 in credit. The prizes will fluctuate if we go lower than 27 players. Any changes in support will be announced during the first round of the event.

    I think this will be a great way to step up our game and be the best place on Long Island to play Vintage!

    What does everyone think?

    I'd like to thank everyone in the Vintage community; this is the only format I play and you guys are the best, the nicest players around. I always look forward to our Sunday Depot events!

    I look forward to seeing you all here!

  • As usual, would be more than happy to put up the tournament report here

  • Thank you sir. Our event is now listed on web-site.

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