6/24/17 - Long Island, New York - NYSE Open V - Power Eight, Workshops & Drains Tournament!

  • Sorry, just being facetious. I personally think it's an issue. But I've also decided to retire. So have fun and do your best to promote honest play. :D

  • @desolutionist Sorry to hear you've retired. I'm sure we all want more Vintage players around :)

  • @MikeTheProf

    Nick says that I didn't really retire and that I will come back to the game when it's a better fit for my life. So there you go. :) And I also replied to your PM

  • Not able to make the NYSE Open, but looking forward to enjoying the coverage on the day of the event? You're going to be very happy...

    Will have an update soon.

  • A few things for everybody.

    First up, I am very happy to announce that our coverage host, Mike Lupo, will be joined in the booth by none other than Andy "BrassMan" Probasco. Thanks to Calvin Hodges and Michael Caffrey, we will have better equipment for the event than we did last year, so if you're not able to attend the event, the event coverage will be very strong.

    We will have drop-ins from several notable members of the Vintage community as the day progresses. I will drop in at some point as well.

    Second up, the head judge for the event has been set! Elliot Raff has been the judge for the Pandemonium events in Boston for a while now, and has significant experience with local Star City Games tournaments. We now have a full judge staff for the tournament, and it is primarily comprised of L2s, which is great.

    Finally, in years past, the pre-registration list for the NYSE Open hung around the 1-20 mark for the first few months of pre-registration before it exploded during the final weekend of pre-registration.

    As of right now, we're at 51 54 registrants with two more NYSE Open qualifiers on the books. This means that we're down to 100 97 open spots in the event. This seems like a lot, and I promise you that it's not.

    We had 157 players last year, and we're capped at 153 this year. In addition to that, we have many registrations from players who did not attend last year's NYSE Open. The combination of these two factors means that right now, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-20 players who played last year will not be able to play this year. I wish that I didn't have to cap registration, but five years into running this event, this is the best venue that we have available to us on Long Island, and capping registration is a must.

    If you know that you're going to be attending, please register. I will do what I can for everyone on the wait-list, but realistically, that won't be much.

    Very much looking forward to seeing you all in June!

  • @Prospero I'm sorry I couldn't go. If anyone wants to bring me back a souvenir I'd be eternally grateful.

  • I look forward to this event. Speaking as a commuter, I don't mind the increase in entry fee if it helps support the event's quality and makes things more practicable for the TO who is performing a great community service. NYSE 1 was my first out of state Magic event since returning to paper Vintage and I had so much fun, it convinced me to travel more often. Since I already factor in gas, food, sometimes hotels, and other travel expenses, the increase on the overall total trip is a very small %, comparable to just paying another NY City toll on a bridge or such.

  • Thank you for your support, Brian. I'm really glad that you've enjoyed past NYSE Opens, and I hope that this year's event is the best that has been run!

    We're down to 84 77 76 spots available for those who are still looking to register.

  • Really hope this goes off without a hitch!
    Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this year due to a previous "engagement" coming to fruition!

    Best of luck to all who attend!

  • There are now less than TWO WEEKS LEFT for $125 pre-registration! We have 67 places left for those looking to register.

    In the off chance that all 67 spots aren't gone by 5/29, any remaining spots will be open at $150 registration.

    I hope to see everybody soon!

  • We're now heading into the last weekend of pre-registration! There are 51 spots left. I hope to see you all there!

  • There is just a little more than ONE DAY LEFT for pre-registration! If you haven't registered, please do so now!

  • Looking forward to this!

    I don't make it out East much these days, but if anyone would like me to sign & / or inscribe a hard copy of Understanding Gush, I'd be happy to do so!

  • @Smmenen Steve, I'm going to take you up on this.

  • @Prospero hrm... Contemplating whether or not I let Steve sign my Kindle...

  • @Brass-Man He hasn't already!?

  • So, the pre-reg numbers are in, and we're lighter than we need to be.

    If you have friends that were considering playing in the event, but were on the fence, please speak with them and direct them my way. If there's anything I can do to get them to the event, I'd like to. We're at 115 now after I get a few more names from this past weekend, which leaves 37 open spots. If it's something in my power, within reason, that I can do to get them to the event, I will happily do it.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there at the end of June!

  • The current pre-registration list:

    1. Thomas Dixon​
    2. Pete Mangus​
    3. Jason Jaco​
    4. ​Brian P.
    5. Tom Corrado Metelsky​
    6. Michael Joseph​
    7. Zach Dobbin​
    8. Stephen Harvey​
    9. David Fleischman-Rose
    10. Akash Naidu​
    11. Matthew Moss​
    12. Josh Meckes​
    13. Greg Fenton​
    14. Micah McOwen
    15. Brad Gutkin​
    16. Chuck Greb
    17. Timothy Moran​
    18. Cam Kiplet Fulton​
    19. Daniel Miller
    20. Chris McGuire​
    21. William Dayton​
    22. Darius Brown​
    23. Pedro José Sánchez Sánchez​
    24. David Tirado - NYSE Qualifier Winner
    25. Nate Hoffman - NYSE Qualifier Winner
    26. Nicholas DiJohn​ - NYSE Qualifier Winner
    27. Rodrigo Togores Moli​
    28. Samantha Dayton​
    29. Jose Antonio Alascio Lopez
    30. Jaime Cano​
    31. Jonathan Geras​
    32. Bobby Victory - NYSE Qualifier Winner
    33. Hank Zhong​ - NYSE Qualifier Winner
    34. David Long
    35. Mike Harris​
    36. Stephen Menendian
    37. Hunter Prendergast​
    38. Jim Gardner​
    39. Joan Anton Mateo
    40. Joaquín Solís​
    41. Scott Bradley​
    42. Will Magrann​
    43. Shawn Anthony​
    44. Sean Came​
    45. Chris Hanson​ - NYSE Qualifier Winner
    46. Elton Wong​
    47. Thomas Vandermeulen
    48. Eric Liberman
    49. Joe Brennan
    50. Jason Morawski
    51. Jostin Rodriguez​
    52. Keith Grim​
    53. John Grudzina​
    54. Dan Nelson​
    55. Matt Slack
    56. Roland Chang​
    57. David Matthew Nunez​
    58. Justin Gennari
    59. Scott Conway​
    60. Joshua Richards​
    61. Matthew Pate​
    62. Zachary Dooling​
    63. Dan Sollazzo​
    64. Ryan Fisher
    65. Tim Candee
    66. Josh Lalo
    67. Vito Picozzo
    68. Visna Harris
    69. Ray Robillard
    70. AJ Grasso
    71. Benjamin Wagnon
    72. Chris Danis
    73. Dan Gatens
    74. Sullivan Brophy
    75. Ryan Eberhart​
    76. Blake Burkholder
    77. Vincent Forino
    78. Joshua Potucek
    79. Jonathan Leone
    80. David Wojtkowski​
    81. Shawn Chen
    82. David Kaplan
    83. Travis Laplante
    84. Michael Savage
    85. Jonathan Suarez
    86. Sean Higgins​
    87. Chris Cothren
    88. Marc Bertolin
    89. Kristopher Esposite
    90. Brian Matthew
    91. Dr. Rich Shay
    92. JP Kohler
    93. Christian Aguanno
    94. Charles Gideon​
    95. Michael Lynch
    96. Chris Pankiewicz
    97. Brian Samuel
    98. Adam Cohen
    99. Will Parshall
    100. Myles Caracciolo
    101. Michael Scheffenacker
    102. Brian Kelly
    103. Cosmo Kwok
    104. Ryan Glackin
    105. Anthony Nania
    106. Ryan McKinney
    107. Andrew Walker
    108. Joel Lim
    109. Tom Daliapes
    110. Mike Sorrentino
    111. Mike Egan
    112. Daniel Seco
    113. Vasu Balakrishnan
    114. Mickey Mahr
    115. Travis Compton
    116. Jason Monday
    117. John Lazzaro
    118. Justin Kohler
    119. Brian Rottenberg
    120. Dan Barkon
    121. Josh Barkon
    122. David A.
    123. Brenden McCarley
    124. Craig Berry
    125. Joey Sacino
    126. Adam Cannava
    127. James Saltsman
    128. Ross Prajzner
    129. Mason Hoffman

  • @Prospero Looks like a soft field to me. EDIT: in the absence of open ridicule, I feel compelled to state that I am not being serious.

  • I might come out of Vintage retirement for this.



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