Vintage at Toywiz Nanuet Jan28


    Short notice post but ToyWiz is having an EE satellite event.

    Prizes are based on attendance and should be a good turnout. Check the annoucement above for more detaiks.

    ToyWiz is a fantastic store. Great location, gigantic, lots of parking, lots of food across the street, friendly staff, and they have a near perfect inventory of magic so they have any card you should need under the sun. They event have booster packs of every set ever made including alpha and beta.

    I hope to see people there. If this event goes well the store is totally down to up the ante in the future and give out crazy prizes.

    Come see for yourself! I'll give out prizes to people that win matches against me..Beta lands, vintage cards, packs, playmats.

  • @Ashok Hoping to make it out for this. Will it be 4 rounds regardless of attendance, or scaled up if there are enough players?

  • TMD Supporter

    I'm also going to try to make this. My New Years Resolution was to play more Vintage haha

    Start time is 1:00pm?

  • TMD Supporter

    This was a lot of fun, met a bunch of cool folks, got my brains bashed in!

    The space was huge, too. Neat store. If Top Wiz holds another Vintage event, I'll 100% check it out.

  • @jimmycolorado they're going to try to host Vintage the last Saturday of the month should be 4 rounds next time.

  • Sorry Just saw all the posts.

    Yea it was a great event and they do plan to run more.

    Store is great and could easily fit two hundred players so the vintage events are going to be super roomy :)

    I'll post earlier next time we have an event and also the prizes should also get a kick in the butt now that we have proven interest in the format.

  • TMD Supporter

    Apologize in advance for bumping a thread that's out of date, but Toywiz had another Vintage event scheduled for today. I only noticed it on their fb yesterday, aaaaaaaaaaand I was the only player to show up. (I think. I stuck around until 30-35 minutes after the event was to fire, and only one other Magic player showed, for a different event. Hi Will! It was nice meeting you)

    Hopefully this doesn't make Toywiz reconsider holding Vintage events: as long as they keep posting them, I'll keep showing up!

  • Hi there! Carl here, the manager of ToyWiz. I just set up an account now, so I'll be making sure to post our future events for you guys. I know we had some stiff competition today with a 2.5k Legacy tournament nearby, but we do plan on doing more in the future.

    The plan is to run a Vintage tournament on the fourth Saturday of each month. However, due to conflicts the next two months, we'll be breaking that plan already. In March, it will be on Saturday the 18th, and in April, it will be Saturday the 29th. I'll post new threads for them with links to our Facebook posts for them.

    Thanks to everybody who came to our first one in January (sorry I couldn't be there; I was at a concert in Newark.) And I look forward to meeting you at our future events!

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