28 January 2017 - Fortnightly Vintage at Asgard Games (w/Beer! 🍻)

  • Date: 28 January 2017
    Location: Asgard Games 3302 S Shepherd, Houston TX, 77098 [MAP]
    Registration Time: 12:00 PM
    Event Begins: 1:00 PM
    Entry Fee: $10
    Payout: 100% in store credit. Breakdown depends on turnout
    Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
    Proxy rules: Don't be a dick.
    Event link: NOT YET
    Beer list: click here

    If anyone is planning on coming from out of town, please contact me if you'd like us to arrange something post-Magic. After most big Legacy events, we generally go out as a group to avail ourselves of the city's excellent food and drink options, and we'd love to show them off to you, too!

    If you or someone you know needs a deck and is too lazy to use a printer or doesn't know what they want, we have a few available to borrow. You're welcome to take them home. We only ask that you buy us a new pack of sleeves so we can replace the deck.

    We now require deck lists. We do not perform deck checks but we want lists so we can post them.

  • We'll also be holding a memorial service for Triskelion. (May that beautiful little trash can rest in peace).