Duplicant versus mentor?

  • Hello, I have some questions for a shops player regarding the sideboard card Duplicant. Do you find it works well against opponents monastery mentor? Thanks in advance.


  • If the game goes long I love Duplicant, but I suspect a lot of the time now he's just too slow to consistently kill Mentor when it counts. Personally I'm not excited by the card right now, but if I were going to run it, I would make sure I was running lots of mana, and some cheaper removal (like Dismembers or Spatial Contortions) for the first few turns when you might not be able to resolve a Duplicant

  • @Brass-Man Thanks for the reply! I didn't think about special contortion but that could be a great sideboard card. I think I'll try it as a 2 of and see how it goes against mentor decks.

  • Check out Walking Ballista.

  • I think Spatial Contortion is criminally underplayed, and I'm glad Andy mentioned it; but Walking Ballista is realistically what you should be playing as your primary answer to creatures with some sort of backup (that preferably doesn't lose to Null Rod).



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