As I have said repeatedly in this thread, I do see the value in streaming. There's no hypocrisy on that front whatsoever. What I object to is real-time assistance of a player, especially expert advice and especially in a major tournament. The idea that I'm a hypocrite for saying you need to either blow up cage or win around it is frankly dishonest. The thing I criticized and the thing I did are simply not the same thing, and it's a lie to say they are.

@Morbid-Spec said in MTGO Outside Assistance:

All you need to say is, "Yes, I wanted help in a competitive event, but it's ok, because it's allowed."

The real meat and potatoes of this thread.

The professional holier than art thou Vintage club taking pot shots to continue the narrative that best suits their infallible egos.

@ajfirecracker said in MTGO Outside Assistance:

My issue is not streaming. The current MTGO rules actually encourage streaming (like, they literally say "we encourage streaming"). I was streaming the event and I think in general the value of strategic advice from Twitch chat is low enough that we should probably live with it. My concern is that you have players you trust in your living room (or on Skype) talking over plays and giving advice. I think the quality of that advice is much higher and does much more to cut against fairness than access to Twitch chat. I also think the people who want to defend the practice of team play are conflating it with Twitch chat, either on purpose or unintentionally.

@ajfirecracker You are trying to draw a line that doesn't exist. Advice is Advice. If you want to ban outside assistance then that includes Twitch chat.

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