MTGO January 2017 Power 9 Challenge

  • I think 4/6 were Thorn decks for me (in the X-1 bracket after a first round loss)

  • I am pretty sure every Brian Kelly Oath deck runs ancient grudge main. See Salvagers Oath and Gush Oath. You seem to be ignoring paper results when you ask "Is that viable in the wider meta?" because the answer is obviously yes if you look at the results of Brian and others.

    I don't even think you play Auriok Salvagers in the current Stony Silence/Null Rod metagame so this isn't a limitations of MTGO issue either.

  • @Soly said in MTGO January 2017 Power 9 Challenge:

    I won round 1 against Wappla,, lost round 2 to Jazza (Maindeck Precursor Golem - because 4x Swords isn't a thing), won round 3, lost round 4 due to turn 1 crucible + Turn 2 wasteland against my 2 land keep and I didn't draw a land in 6 turns, won round 5, and then lost round 6 due to drawing literally 7 mana off hte top of my deck, and then not drawing a 3rd land in game 2 (and only lost due to topdeck Car when I was at 3, and I had lethal on board)

    This post is hilarious because it's the epitome of MTG players' perception of the matches. When they win, the games play out the way they should, and when they lose, it's only due to bad luck. Nothing personal against you, Soly, I just found the post rather amusing as you see this all the time.

  • @Soly

    Honestly didn't have you in mind at all, to be fully transparent. Also have no issue calling people out directly. There just isn't one person to blame for this misleading and banal narrative.

  • @socialite My original post is banal on purpose. I don't consider it my job to comment too deeply on what happened. I collect the data and make a couple obvious observations to get the ball rolling. What do you consider misleading? Oath of Druids is a natural counter to Shops in a vacuum. I didn't say every Oath of Druids list crushes shops.

    The reason I bother collecting the data is that people will use the data as part of an interesting discussion, for example on the SMIP podcast.

  • @diophan

    As always, appreciate you taking the time to compile this data.

    As stated before, comment not directed at anyone in particular.

  • TMD Supporter

    @diophan said in MTGO January 2017 Power 9 Challenge:

    Brian Kelly'esque Oath with maindeck grudges is definitely a counter to shops. Ask any shops pilot in the mid-Atlantic who frequently has to play against him. To be frank, there is a lack of premier, consistent Oath players online. Rich and Montolio have both done well with the deck when they pick it up.

    I guess I should really try to play more events, although I don't know what threshold I have to cross before my results aren't considered "getting lucky". Still, I've taken down a lot of good players with my Oath decks, so the lucksack force must be strong or something. I've lost to Workshops two or three times in Dailies I think.

    From my experience, the reason people (even myself) are wary of or slightly less enthusiastic about Oath of Druids is that the decks typically are a dog to Gush and Containment Priest is super annoying. I can beat Grafdigger's Cage all day long, but Containment Priest provides a clock. Think about it, you're getting smashed with Priest and your own Orchard tokens hoping you can hit your removal spell soon enough for it to count, It can be tough.

    Also Oath is a combo deck that's slower than basically every combo deck in the format, including Dredge (if you want to consider that combo, which it kind of is). Sometimes you can do your Oath thing quickly, but it's not guaranteed. So Outcome decks, Rituals, and fringe stuff like Belcher can be a problem.

    And why don't people play Salvagers very often online? I'm sure it is not great against all the Rods around lately, but the real reason I don't play it is that the loop is just not something I can reliably accomplish.

    I've built or brewed a ton of different Oath decks and all of them had some merit, but there never seems to be a list that just does everything I wanted. If I tuned it to be even better against Prison/Shops/Hatebears/WEldrazi it lost considerable percentage points against other blue decks. If I built the list to be better against other blue decks the matchups that used to be good suddenly got much worse.

  • @socialite I assumed it was due to my 13+ years of insulting workshops, then playing workshops.

  • I've missed the last two Power 9 Challenges, sadly. I need to plan my schedule better. If I had made it, Oath would have performed better.

    I'm generally happy for Saheeli Oath to continue to be underrated. If I sideboard correctly and play patiently, I can beat other Gush decks reasonably well.

    Meanwhile, Shops is a good matchup if I can counter the first disruption spell (Thorn, Sphere, Revoker, etc.) and either lay down an Oath or get a Dack on the board. White Eldrazi, however, is a real problem: the new Thalia is even more painful than the old Thalia.

    If I were to say anything about the results of this challenge, it would be that the MTGO meta is really swingy. People really move back and forth across the archetypes. There are some of us who play one archetype exclusively, or at least 90%+ of the time, but more people seem to really react strongly to the last big tournament.

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