2/19- Livonia, Michigan - RIW Hobbies Monthly Vintage (Unlimited Proxy)

  • Where: RIW Hobbies
    When: February 19th. Store opens at noon, play begins at 1pm.
    Entry: $10
    Prize: $20 in store credit per player will be divided amongst top finishers.
    We will play Swiss+1 rounds based on attendance to encourage play and ensure we get to play plenty of vintage.

    For January we had 24 players, and paid out $480 in store credit divided between top 8 (X-2 or better after six rounds)

    We are pretty liberal about proxies. They should be easy to identify by your opponent (printed slips in front of basic lands is the easiest way to achieve this, but we will allow just about anything that is indistinguishable from the other cards in the deck and can be properly randomized.) If you have any questions feel free to message me.

    Starting with our January event, we will be collecting Deck Lists. Unfortunately, following the last event I left the decklists at the shop (I was headed to a concert and not home) and before I was able to pick them up someone threw them out. In spite of this blunder, we will be attempting this again, and this time I have help to make sure they end up posted on the mana drain as well as uploaded to goldfish.

    That said, if you received prize last month, and still have your list, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send it to me so I can at least create a top 8 results post for January.

    Looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces and decks on the 19th.

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