The BMG Extra Weekend

  • The Black Magic Gaming Extra Weekend

    Well, well, well. Eternal MTG'ers of the Mid-Atlantic area, we meet again. The BMG Crew have come roaring back to you with something we hope you find delightful, A weekend full of vintage and legacy! Let us begin with the details

    all payouts in BMG Credit

    March 4th
    Vintage. Silver Level Qualifier
    $40 entry. $2k payout. 10 proxies allowed
    1st place: Non-ruby Mox
    2nd: Library of Alexandria
    3-4: $200
    5-8: $100

    March 5th
    Legacy. Silver Lever Qualifier
    $30 entry. $1k payout(will scale up with attendance over 24)
    1st: $400
    2nd: $200
    3-4: $100
    5-8: $50

    EE6 IS MARCH 18-19TH at the Baltimore Convention Center!!!

    What does this all mean?
    If you win, simply put, you're going to EE6 with paid entry and a bye to any of the main events. If you win the vintage portion of the event, you'll also go to the event wearing a fancy championship belt though. Sorry Legacy players, we are working on the Legacy belt and hope it will make it in time for EE7.

    That about sums it up. Vintage on Saturday and legacy on Sunday. It's a bit of a difference from the norm, but if we were normal you wouldn't like us too much, now would ya?

    Feel free to share with your friends or enemies. Hell, share it with you accountant or dentist. They might play too. Don't judge.

    (posted on behalf of Calvin)

  • Shout out to Calvin and ToA for hosting such a great event. I had a blast, and i'm looking forward to seeing the results of the top 8.

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