TMD OPEN 18- APRIL 22, 2017- Oakville, CT(Official Thread)

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  • Since this is on Amonkhet prerelease weekend, curious what the policy is for those cards. Are they not legal and this format is lame duck on arrival? Can we proxy them? Can we have those proxied in addition to the normal 15?

    Just asking because if this was held on Aether Revolt prerelease weekend but we couldn't play Ballista/Push it would feel pretty silly.

  • Are collector's edition cards acceptable as proxies?

  • Allowing Amonkhet cards sure would make this a lot more exciting.

  • @MikeTheProf said in TMD OPEN 18- APRIL 22, 2017- Oakville, CT(Official Thread):

    Are collector's edition cards acceptable as proxies?

    Hey Mike,
    Head Judge CJ Stambaugh posted this prior to the last event.

    I think the key text is "1) I do not care what the front or back of the card looks like, so long as it is indistinguishable from a traditional magic card in regards to size and material, specifically when it is sleeved. This includes things like CE cards that have been clipped and TCG player proxy cards."

    So, I believe he only allowed CE cards that were clipped to have the same rounded corners as regular cards. That said, I don't want to speak for him, so feel free to contact him on facebook for a more direct answer.

  • @iamfishman I'll do that, thanks for the reply!

  • Attendance will be capped at 140 and there are 40 spots left. If you plan on attending, please let me know to reserve a spot.


  • In the facebook poll there was a clear message sent. The consensus is "no" to Amonkhet cards so they will not be legal.

  • Roughly 10 spots left!!! We have to cap this event at 140, so if you are not yet on the prereg list, please let me know asap. We are hoping to not have to turn anyone away at the door.

    1.) Will Magrann
    2.) Colin Watson
    3.) Brian Matthew
    4.) Dan Proulx
    5.) Keith Grim
    6.) Matthew Moss
    7.) Samantha Dayton
    8.) William Dayton
    9.) Akash Naidu
    10.) Micah Beren Greenbaum
    11.) Dan Sollazzo
    12.) Sullivan Brophy
    13.) Kyle Joseph Lenox
    14.) David Kaplan
    15.) Rion Marmulstein
    16.) Peter Craft
    17.) Pete Mangus
    18.) Will Fischer
    19.) Stefan Ellsworth
    20.) Brett Allan
    21.) Trevor Hayden
    22.) Jeremy Tibbetts
    23.) Travis Compton
    24.) Brett Spinelli
    25.) Charles Rolko
    26.) Anthony Scalzo
    27.) Daniel Gacioch
    28.) Fam Doo
    29.) Bernie Parisi
    30.) Kevin An
    31.) Neil MacDonald
    32.) Hank Zhong
    33.) Sean Higgins
    34.) Riva Arecol
    35.) Rich Meyst
    36.) Rich Shay
    37.) Brian Kelly
    38.) Andrew Walker
    39.) Joseph Spicola
    40.) Taylor Pratt
    41.) Andrew Probasco
    42.) Timothy Moran
    43.) Tim Candee
    44.) Mike Egan
    45.) David Fleishman-Rose
    46.) Hunter Prendergast
    47.) Josh Langdon
    48.) Mark O'Connell
    49.) AJ Grasso
    50.) D.j. Seco
    51.) Chris Materewicz
    52.) Greg Fenton
    53.) Roland Chang
    54.) Nick Detwiler
    55.) Charles Welsch
    56.) Kris Vander Ploeg
    57.) Dan Nelson
    58.) Justin Gennari
    59.) Michael Sorrentino
    60.) David Matthew Nunez
    61.) Shawn Chen
    62.) Dominic DiFebo
    63.) Jarad Demick
    64.) Travis Laplante
    65.) Jeff Grasso
    66.) Ryan Scacca
    67.) Jason Seaman
    68.) Nicholas DiJohn
    69.) Marc Tuttle
    70.) Ryan Glackin
    71.) Ross Merriam
    72.) Joshua Potucek
    73.) Ben Wagnon
    74.) Amir Akhundzadeh
    75.) Christopher Ferrante
    76.) Micah McOwen
    77.) Benjamin Robbins
    78.) Brian Swatkins
    79.) Joe Brennan
    80.) Joseph C Brown
    81.) John Grudzina
    82.) Daniel Miller
    84.) Chris Danis
    85.) Ellen McManis
    86.) Jason Seaman
    87.) David A.
    89.) Josh Lalo
    90.) Brian Rottendoogen
    91.) Shawn R. Stroke(as per Brian)
    92.) Tom Daliapes(as per Brian)
    93.) Jon Byer
    94.) Jonathan Geras
    95.) Joe Pace
    96.) Nate Thompson
    97.) Jer S Rudolph
    98.) Jer Beav
    99.) Raffaele Forino
    100.) Vincent Forino
    101.) William O'Neil
    102.) Shawn Griffiths​
    103.) Bill Sees​
    104.) Chris Hanson​
    105.) Kevin Maher​
    106.) Trent Lennon​
    108.) Evan Pollinger​
    109.) Craig Dupre​
    110.) Evan Husney​
    112.) Andrew Farias​
    113.) Scott Bradley​
    114.) Josh Meckes​
    115.) Clark Van Vliet​
    116.) John Longo​
    117.) Jeffrey Pyka​
    118.) Brian Jessing​
    119.) Chris Cosenza
    120.) MJ Worsham
    121.) Michael Scheffenacker
    122.) Bill Copes
    123.) James Saltsman
    124.) Mike Hritz
    125.) Tiffany Parthie
    126.) Chris Chrisman
    127.) Ryan Golueke
    128.) Jason Morawski
    129.) Ben Grenier
    130.) Zohar Bhagat
    131.) Chris Patalano
    132.) Craig Berry
    133.) Mickey Mahr
    134.) Michael Monks
    135.) Skee Monoblack
    136.) David Tirado
    137.) Michael Savage
    138.) Adam Cohen
    139.) Jesse Martin
    140.) James Seeth

  • Attention:
    All 140 spots have been filled for the event! If any of you wanted to go to the event but hadn't prereged you can still let me know and I will add you to the "Wait List".

    For any of you on the list, if something comes up between now and April 22nd and you know you won't be able to make it, please let me know ASAP and I will move the top person on the Wait List up into your spot.

    Thanks. This is going to be a fantastic event!


  • Pm'd about waitlist

  • TMD Supporter

    This post is deleted!

  • I can do better than that Micah...we have an open spot...#76. I will add your name there.

  • TMD Supporter

    @iamfishman I can't go, so you can take my name off and give it to someone else. Sorry for not letting you know sooner. I'm working a lot right now and I already have to take time off for my son's birthday (which is also very close and another reason I can't go). I wish I could though, it was great last time.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @iamfishman
    Please add me to wait list sean Higgins

  • Please add me to the list-Dan Sollazzo. 100% guarantee. I am coming in the car with Josh Lalo, Chris Hanson and Sean Higgins

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