What are the biggest Vintage tournaments in the US?

  • By "biggest" I mean both in terms of importance and player turnout.

    All I could come up with below. Are there any other >100 person vintage events in the US?

    NYSE Open
    Season: Summer
    Location: Long Island, NY
    Proxies: 15
    2016 Attendance: 157

    TMD Waterburry Open
    Season: Fall
    Location: Waterbury, CT
    Proxies: 15
    2016 Attendance: 126

    Eternal Extravaganza
    Season: Winter
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Proxies: 15
    2016 Attendance: 114

    Eternal Weekend
    Season: Winter
    Location: Columbus, OH
    2016 Attendance: 114
    Proxies: 0
    2016 Attendance: 343

    edit: Baltimore EE was missing attendance

  • There were 2 EEs last year:


    EE4 was in Allentown/Coopersburg, PA. Considering there were 99 players it seems silly not to include it.

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