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Sounds like I’ll be there to Jeskai people out again.

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The biggest problem with Restrictions in my opinion is that there are so many cards that were restricted, and stay restricted, with no real regards for how they interact with cards printed since their restriction.

You really want a spring cleaning? Wizards should come out and say, basically, **We are doing a grand experiment with regards to vintage. We are unrestricting every card that is not incredibly obviously detrimental to the game as it relates to the Vintage Format. We will closely watch the format and make adjustments via restrictions every announcement until the format balances itself **

I think the following cards could be unrestricted (WITH this theory in mind).
Demonic Consultation
Imperial Seal
Lion's Eye Diamond
Lodestone GOlem
Lotus Petal
Memory Jar
Thorn of Amythest

There is a VERY HIGH chance that many of these cards get re-restricted, but I'd be very interested to know what Lion's Eye Diamond could do in a format that has more than Force of Will/Duress/Mana Drain to interact with it, and I'd also like to see how Memory Jar would play out. Keep in mind, I'm not proposing this as a permanent solution - Wizards would just Re-restrict anything dominating every 3 months until the format re-balanced itself with a PROPER list.

As an FYI, this would be the new list to start with for my theory.

Ancestral Recall
Black Lotus
Chalice of the Void
Demonic Tutor
Dig Through Time
Gitaxian Probe
Library of Alexandria
Mana Crypt
Mana Vault
Merchant Scroll
Mind's Desire
Monastery Mentor
Mox Emerald
Mox Jet
Mox Pearl
Mox Ruby
Mox Sapphire
Mystical Tutor
Sol Ring
Strip Mine
Time Vault
Time Walk
Tolarian Academy
Treasure Cruise
Vampiric Tutor
Wheel of Fortune
Yawgmoth's Will

Flash stays on because of the interaction with Academy Rector.

Brainstorm stays on because it would be an automatic 4x in any deck that taps for blue mana, and would create what happened in 2007 again, where every deck was a brainstorm deck.

Chalice and Trinisphere stay on for their ability to create non-games.

Gitaxian Probe stays on because Free perfect information is bad for any competitive game.

The tutors stay on because of the other unrestrictions. I would love to unrestrict Merchant Scroll, but couldn't in a format with 4 gush and 4 fastbond.

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Every time I read what was in those, they get better.

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(Again, I am not associated, just posting for visibility)

Sunday, March 24, 2019
@ Cataclysm Games: 8289 Burden Rd Suite SE, Machesney Park, Illinois 61115

Entry Fee: 20 Dollars (more info below)
We do ask that you call us at 779-200-0600, Paypal at or stop by to sign up in advance. Payment is due when signing up. If you PayPal we also require that you message our store page with the transaction ID number as well as first and last name.

Jason Chambers was one of the original members of team Rockford. He started playing Magic in 1994. He was a pillar of the magic community and the Boy Scouts of America. Jason loved playing magic and teaching new players how to play. He was a brewer and is known for his evil eye deck.

The rules for this event are as follows:

  1. The cost is $20 for the event. 50% of the entry goes towards prizes the day of the event and 50% goes towards prizes for the invitational.
  2. The winner receives an invite to the championship.
  3. You are allowed 15 free proxies, but can purchase more for $0.25 each additional proxy. this money will go towards prizes as well.
  4. Proxies must follow the guidelines listed on the google doc.

Deck registration at 11AM Event starts at NOON

Prizes will be based on number of entries, and number of rounds will be based on participants.

We will cut to top 8 after the Swiss

Questions please contact: Dave Luety. Email: Cell: (608)289-3734

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Jund is a good answer. I think Jet/Ruby/Emerald might actually be better than Lotus + any 2 moxes.

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Why not sell of all the power, buy Bazaars, and just have Pitch Dredge together?

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I have tried so hard, but I don't see a single reason why Mystic Remora would be good in this deck. Your mana sources make keeping it around very hard, you're not a combo deck, so outside an early Mentor or Pyromancer, you don't have ways to make your opponent play into it, and furthermore, without a full manabase, you don't have ways to keep it around long.

If I was on Outcome, I'd just wait out the Remora - and if I was on any other deck, I'd just shrug, thank you for wasting resources turn after turn, and fade you with creatures. Either the brown variety, the green variety, or Mentor/Pyromancer of my own.

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The Remora are incredibly greedy with 3 moxes and 16 lands.

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In my opinion the moxes and lotus are extremely important to making the deck function - but if you like the deck, you definitely can try it.

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Man I need to start playing the format again so I can see my name in articles and inflate my own ego.

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@AeonSovarius @vaughnbros

My thought is Game 2 and Game 3 might get WORSE for Dredge, because now the other decks can Mulligan to an effective 7 repetitively in order to disrupt them.

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@khahan said in London Has(n't) Fallen:

Best suggestion to everybody - dont embrace the coming change. Dont reject the coming change. Simply approach your first few experiences of the change with an open mind - then decide to embrace or reject.

^SO MUCH this.

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Yes, and that is focused on the Sky Is Falling approach. This is a counter-point to the negativity that's littering that post.

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London Hasn’t Fallen

The “London Mulligan” rule by now has been written about as well as talked about, whether in podcasts, livestreams, Youtube videos, or in your local game store, to the point there isn’t even a carcass of where the dead horse used to be. That said, little focus, outside small groups on Facebook, has been on how this rule would/does impact Vintage.

First, a recap of the rule: When a player is choosing to Mulligan, they will shuffle their hand into their library, and then draw a new hand – the difference being instead of drawing 7-X, where X is the number of times the player has chosen to mulligan previously in the game, that player will instead draw 7, and then determine whether or not to keep their hand. At this point, they will place X cards to the bottom of their Library, again where x is the number of times a mulligan has been chosen.

Immediately the implications are obvious. Others have already ran the math on how this impacts the percentage of Dredge opening a hand with Bazaar of Baghdad, and more so with Serum Powder in the mix – this number is greater than 99%. There have been questions on how this rule will impact MUD strategies, since opening with a Mishra’s Workshop is almost always better than opening without one.

The London Mulligan rule WILL Impact Vintage, and it WILL make the average opening hand much stronger. This rule will significantly alter mulligan decisions for players, and will significantly increase the odds of players opening with Bazaar of Baghdad, Mishra’s Workshop, a very fast Outcome start, or a very disruptive Xerox open. This rule drastically increases the average power level of opening hands post-mulligan, and will make decisions to mulligan original 7 card hands much less obvious.

This is not a bad thing, overall. Forced mulligans are exceptionally bad for Magic as a whole, and are bad for Vintage as well. This mulligan rule, if it becomes part of the game as a whole after Magic Fest London, will increase the number of times players mulligan decent 7 card hands in hopes of a more powerful 6 card hand, but there is an opportunity cost to that strategy.

For every Workshop player that mulligans to 6 in hopes of finding a Workshop, there will be a Xerox pilot in the same situation that gets to put their useless Game 1 Mental Missteps to the bottom. The blue player gets the same +1 card to their decision process the Workshop player does in this scenario, and in reality, the Xerox player has a large amount of ways to interact, be it keeping additional lands to beat Sphere effects, or keeping Force of Will + a Lightning Bolt/Swords to Plowshares, that the Xerox Player and Workshop Player both having to mulligan to 6, the odds might actually be better for the Xerox Player (of course, this depends on Play/Draw) in the game.

For every Dredge Player that mulligans to 6 or less to find bazaar, the opponent gets to mulligan to find 1 or more disruption effects. The Dredge Player in game 2 realistically has to have a Bazaar of Baghdad of which they only have 4, and either a colored mana source or a disruptive spell, while the opponent has greater odds of hitting one of their 6+ graveyard specific disruption elements, with a good chance at hitting 2, or hitting a hand that is fast while disruptive. Naturally, everyone is thinking right now “but their Game 1 percentage is greater than 99%!”, and to that the defense is where you really planning to win a game 1 against Dredge anyway?

Overall, regardless the Paris, Vancouver, or London mulligan rule, Magic: The Gathering will thrive both digitally and physically, and Vintage will follow suit. There are a lot of reasons for people to have an opinion either positive or negative about Vintage as a format, but the London mulligan rule, if (or when) it becomes official to the rules of Magic will not break, ruin, destroy, or even hinder Vintage as a format.

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If you want to beat outcome, you can sideboard Sadistic Sacrament. This card will beat the pants off most outcome lists.

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I haven't played a game of Vintage since SCGCon in June 2018 - I can't say I really miss it. I am slowly starting to get the desire to jam some Vintage again, but I can say I haven't really liked the format for a long time, and playing more Modern and Legacy has done a great job of allowing me to play actual magic.

The format has a problem that will continue to grow, and that is the number of restricted cards makes the games feel much more random as a whole. Workshops, Dredge, and Survival do seem to slightly avoid this issue, though games with Lotus, Trinisphere or Chalice still happen. The format has this problem inherently, and it cannot be avoided; the company (rightfully so) focuses new card designs on Standard and Limited, and perhaps slightly Modern, and cards like Monastery Mentor, which barely impacts other formats, or Walking Ballista, which is a very good card in other formats that don't have Mishra's Workshop/Tolarian Academy sometimes are printed and need to be restricted.

More game-ending 1-ofs means more games that are seemingly decided by randomness.

More cards ALSO means that decks get amalgamated into one list as more cards get printed. Walking Ballista + Foundry Inspector, combined with the other shifts in deck design, means there is no need for different Workshop strategies, to the point where the best workshop pilots only have discrepancies between 5 to 8 cards total.

Overall, there needs to be massive restrictions and/or unrestrictions, or for Modern Horizons to print cards that impact vintage, for me to really have excitement about the format again.

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  1. Defense Grid is probably the best thing to bring in against Xerox Style decks. Resolving this early really puts pressure on them. I've also boarded in extra duress effects. Another tactic I've used is to have Flusterstorm as a 1 or 2 of in my main/sideboard to combat their counterspells. In big turns, this thing can be uncounterable.

  2. Karakas is probably a must right now with how much Lavinia is floating around, otherwise going the Oath Route out of the board where you board in 4 Oath of Druids, 2 Creatures, and a Gaea's Blessing. Maindecking a few green lands is good nowadays for having Abrupt Decay anyway. Toxic Deluge is one of my favorites for killing multiple creatures, otherwise playing Fatal Push is another good one. Lavinia isn't even THAT scary, because you can easily push past it with 3 lands in play. I have seen a play of "Push Thalia, untap, upkeep mystical for Will, Draw, Ritual, Ritual, Will, Push Lavinia, play rest of stuff, Kill you".

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Lavinia stops Force of Will from your Jeskai Opponents and makes them pay mana for Misstep when they're already constrained on those resources, so I think it's okay in that spot.

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Timetwister and Mind's Desire are traps without Tendrils of Agony. Also, I greatly dislike Preordain as a 4x because youre trying to play the Xerox role and when you're needing to commit cards to the board, it just isn't good enough. I'd be playing 2 Missteps (Mainly to Misstep Misstep on Top/Sol Ring - @nedleeds tag for value).

You lose near-nothing by going into black to gain access to Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor.

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I'm trying to bring 3 from Madison, and one of my friends from Lake County, IL is going to make the trek - IF The weather cooperates.