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@stormanimagus said in PSA: Containment Priest isn’t good:

@5space Actually, even that is wrong. Sullivan Brophy was one of the first to popularize the Barbarian Ring tech which he's now moved over to being Cabal Pit (and 1 Ring). It irritates me to no end when players assign credit to deck tech to the latest "high status" player who played with the tech even if they clearly stole that tech from an originator of it. Don't always assume that the only players who use spicy tech are guys like LSV. This actually happened to me with Mike Noble essentially being given full credit for Noble Fish even though I was absolutely 100% the originator of the deck as people in the know will attest to.


Sorry, I should clarify. I didn't mean that LSV should be credited with the tech to any degree, but that his status would popularize it (on a larger scale) by him simply playing it. Of course, this will probably lead some to attributing this tech with LSV. I'm aware of Brophy's and @vaughnbros' work and didn't mean to take any credit away from them.

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@vaughnbros said in PSA: Containment Priest isn’t good:

was already seeing play before LSV.

I think the point there was LSV possibly popularizing it.

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@stuart said in TMD Vintage Magic Podcast - e1: Brian Kelly:

there’s a significant population of people who ONLY listen to podcasts via their IPhone app (myself included)

Likewise. I only listen to podcasts on my phone while I'm commuting.

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@stuart said in Yawgmoth's Storm:

I'm thinking about what I want to play at the next Austin Vintage event, and Storm is hard to pass up. I've noticed that most recent Storm lists on Mtgtop8 are playing 4 Dark Petition, and splashing for Mentor. Is this pretty much accepted as stock at this point? I'm currently on 3 Petition, no Mentor.

I haven't been playing storm much, so take this with a grain of salt. I don't really like the splash for Mentor. It's not awful, but I find it awkward more often than I enjoy it. I like 4x Petition and going all-in on Tendrils (pre-board). A lot of lists seem to not run Wheel of Fortune, but I don't think that's a good thing.

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@desolutionist Happens every month! I'm also not coming this month due to father's day, and I know the same is true for some others.

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Why does the legendary planeswalker not get the new legendary hat on the top?