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As the title says! I just got back into playing after a ~10 year hiatus, so I'm likely to be a bit slow and have forgotten things. Mostly, looking for people to play who are nice, not looking for lightning-speed play, and open to discussing the game/moves played. Also open to playing Legacy and Modern.


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Can we just start our own Eternal governing body?


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@stuart said in Yawgmoth's Storm:

I'm thinking about what I want to play at the next Austin Vintage event, and Storm is hard to pass up. I've noticed that most recent Storm lists on Mtgtop8 are playing 4 Dark Petition, and splashing for Mentor. Is this pretty much accepted as stock at this point? I'm currently on 3 Petition, no Mentor.

I haven't been playing storm much, so take this with a grain of salt. I don't really like the splash for Mentor. It's not awful, but I find it awkward more often than I enjoy it. I like 4x Petition and going all-in on Tendrils (pre-board). A lot of lists seem to not run Wheel of Fortune, but I don't think that's a good thing.

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My favorites (non-promo):

alt text

alt text

alt text

This is my favorite Island art

alt text

but unfortunately isn't available on a black-bordered card (that I know of). Second Island is probably

alt text

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@Evoclipse said:

@Smmenen ive asked you on twitter before: is the book available as a non digital print? If so, can it be shipped to europe?

This might not be what you're looking for, but I've printed digital copies of books via Lulu and been happy with the results. The prices for printing there are very reasonable.

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@Ten-Ten The paper and hardback copies are available now from Eternal Central!

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I've come back after that long! I quit after Mirrodin block. While the site seems to be frequented less, the quality is generally great. I miss the mana drain art though 😛

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But I want the new stuff too? 😄

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@revengeanceful said in [Premium Article] Schools of Magic: The History of Vintage 2017 & Conclusion:

I look forward to picking up a copy when it gets compiled into a book.


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@dr-j I'm guessing what buyers have actually paid, as opposed to what sellers are asking for.

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@stuart said in StarCityGames Power 9 Vintage Tournament - 6/8-6/10:

Liquimetal Trygon Predator: need I say more?

1000% yes

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@vaughnbros said in PSA: Containment Priest isn’t good:

was already seeing play before LSV.

I think the point there was LSV possibly popularizing it.