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Add ancient stirrings for sure.
Iam not sure how viable this becomes as distribution without the white Hatebears might be lower.
I guess FoV, Ouphe, Wastelands and Veil of summer has to be enough.
Do you want to build a powerless budget version?

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@stasis_kismet did you cut DP for it? Did you use anything like keys to break it more? Would love to see your list

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So we had a Doomsday top 8 and it doesn't even get mentioned??

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Maybe it's Pack Rat time again...

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Any news about wether or not Proxies will be allowed?

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I was so hyped for TPS since the mm restriction, but now iam just kind of bummed....This card is absolutely insane and should not have been printed like this. Way to cheap, way too powerful effect, but most importantly a very very boring effect.
However ofcourse there will be ways to play around it: It's time to play multiple Chain of vapors Maindeck I guess.

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@danl15243 I seem to be out of the loop, but lately i heard a bunch of times that "Vintage Magic" and Chang aren't really to be trusted or whatever.
Could you bring me up to speed on that matter? What happened there, who are they and why are they so unliked in the community?

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Goes right into my tiny leader deck i totally have played a lot of matches with on the regular....

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@aaron-patten maybe, but the restriction also opens up a bunch of cheap counterplay and disruption strategies like Thoughtseize, Duress, Spell pierce...

The tools to fight turn 1 wins are still there with the addition of FoN, FoV and the possibly renewed playability of Misdirection. It's just a way more interesting decision to make as well in deck building as in game.

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@desolutionist i can see people tutoring for Ancestral way more often, so that might be a good idea