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Iam actually really excited for this

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@botvinik That sounds like one of the most valuable flusters

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Love that thread idea

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@duke ah so we arent alone, and that format actually already exists, nice!
Ill check out mtgoldframe for sure

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@brass-man Thank you so much for your very detailled response! I myself have gone through the B&R timeline to get the list, but just wasnt fast enough to post here, sorry!

My go to deck for this era would definetly be TPS.

As for the B&R List: I agree that there are many cards on there that seem pretty harmless conpared to other, even unrestricted cards of that era, however since i myself did not play Vintage back then, but actually just startet out with magic in general around that time, my own judgement on those cards is purely theoretical.

Another good point brought up is that the metagame back then was highly regional and very slow to develop compared to modern times. Iam aware that this might let the metagame of that period seem more open and wide, while in modern times it could very much happen that a couple of best decks will dominate the meta by a lot. A counterpoint to this is the wide range of 93/94 Decks that are absolutely viable and see play.

Generally i like to test the format with the orginal B&R List before making any changes to it.

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So with the advent of community formats like Oldschool variants, Middleschool and Premodern, a friend and i wanted to try out Premodern Vintage.

All sets before 8th Edition are legal (old border) it basically should be a fusion of premodern and oldschool. We where talking about this for a while but Covid pretty much stopped us from actually playing and testing it in any significant enough way.
We want to start with the B&R List as it was back then and maybe change it from there as we see fit.

I have got three questions for you:

-Is that a Format you would be interested in?
-Do you think it is a good idea to start with the historic B&R List?
-What where your favorite Decks from that Era and what would you want to play?

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You got a Duress/Thoughtseize as well as a Preordain/Ponder.
You are playing a combo deck, your opponent is the control in this matchup.

You want to play both cards this turn, do you:

  • Play hand disruption first to inform your choice on what you are looking for with the cantrip,


  • Play the cantrip first to inform you what to take with the hand disruption spell,

and why?

I personally tend to play hand disruption first in most cases.

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I really hope for a errata or the companion mechanic as a whole.
However regardless of the changes made, the thing that interests me the most is if they actually acknowledge the mistakes they made with releasing this mechanic.
I just really hat to see the 2019 War of the Spark until present era of design continue.

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@desolutionist believe me, you would have gotten sick of seeing lurrus real quick. Bad timing though for sure

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@maximumcdawg said in B&R Announcement - May 18, 2020:

  1. When Will Cards Get Banned in the Future?

What exactly was the philosophy behind the Lurrus ban, and when will the rule be applied again? I feel like I know why Lurrus was banned because I observed the format with it, but I don't know exactly what the criteria will be for bannings in the future.

I guess the criteria was "we designed a card (mechanic) so sutpidly that restricting it does not adress the problem at all"