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@vaughnbros said in [CMR] Jeweled Lotus:


99% of Commander decks will play this, and the other 1% just can't afford the real life cost of the card.

I don't know what your commander experience is, but is card is a trap. It's not nearly as good in higher color decks and many decks do not have to race to cast their commander. General consensus on the major cedh groups is similar that. Even in cedh we don't all play Lotus Petal, and Lotus Petal is broken but the diminishing returns in midrange decks that are tiered and popular keeps it from being so widespread.

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I don't think this seems goods at all.

You must remain the monarch.
Costs 4 mana.
Must have the fatty in your hand (and if it's not a fatty, it's not worth very slowly paying 4 mana for).
This card's upside is you can use it twice or 3 times.

  • Monarch can be stolen. How easily a person thinks that is is debatable, i would say relative ease.
  • 4 mana is ridiculous, you can be playing a lot of 4cmc cards that do other things. You can Natural Order for Progenitus if we're talking about fatties, which can either be with mana dorks or in an elf shell - and that doesn't sound too great but i'm also thinking you need blockers to protect your monarchy so.
  • You must be playing enough fatties to have it in your hand. The purpose of Oath is to play any shell you want and only need 6 actual cards for it. You're going to play how many Courts to cheat out Griselbrand? And then how many Grisels and other mega monsters? They're all dead cards without Court, and if it's not a dead card without Court then you don't need Court.
  • Using this multiple times sounds fun but it doesn't sound like a strategy. Using it twice means one monsters was not good enough (this is also true of Oath, sure) and you continue to fight for monarchy. And, see above paragraph, but you really have to have a bunch of otherwise-dead cards in your deck in order to use this repeatedly.

You could drop low-cmc creatures with it to slowly accrue advantage but i don't think that's a Vintage format strategy with Workshop, Hollow One, Tarmogoyf, whatever.

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Oh, haha. Sorry, i thought you meant in the main deck.

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@botvinik said in [ZRN] Omnath, Locus of Creation:

Not exactly opals, LED, academy, and mishra’s workshop can skew that number.

Are you playing Workshops in Belcher?

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I have on Oath on MTGO i'd part with. 4 forces and the p8 and some blue duals, can't recall if i last played when Oko and Force of Negation were out. But if you decide to buy, i'd sell the deck for like 80% of whatever the cheapest copies are.

Get used to the program before deciding to spend $500 to see if it's irritating.

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I see it as a 2 mana scry 2 draw 2 that's very slow, which is an awful ceiling.

At it's worst, it's a slow scry 2 draw 2 that requires you to cast a specific spell and can be destroyed to counter the draw spell. Having to cast the named spell is not good when you don't draw immediately due to fetchlands* or the course of the game changing what you want to react with, even changing so much your opponent is just winning before you're landing the draw trigger.

It would be great for a deck that wants enchantments in play and doesn't use fetchlands, like the kinds of decks that would crop up in standard.

  • Actually, my bad, of course you can name something in hand, not necessarily one fo the cards you 'top'. Duh, me.
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@ten-ten I'm not sure if you misread Necro or if you're referencing just the decks that would use Necro, but it doesn't Draw.

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@john-cox Good question, what's the sum of 4cmc stuff you need to hit? Not Leylines. So, Golos, Lodestone Golem, Hollow One?

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@nedleeds said in Buying into paper Vintage:

Always start with Lotus.

Well it sure eases the pain of buying the moxes next, but it's the hardest to purchase up front. There was a beat up Lotus on ebay that just finished at auction for 4200 though, which is the same rough price of a set of Bazaars

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The biggest threat to Bazaar decks is a restriction, and i don't think it's likely since we have several archetypes that use it - unless something really unforeseeable, it's likely better to restrict around it (imp if dredge actually became broken broken and not regular broken, hollow one if either dredge or survival became a problem, etc)

The financial aspect is too personal for us to guess, i think. You gotta analyze and decide if you have the $4K to spend, or if you can spring for $8k and do something else, or if you want to play an unpowered deck and save many thousands.

You can build a vintage dredge deck for only a nominal amount after you own Bazaars. You really want Lotus and Moxes in Survival but it's easy to branch out into that deck next if you play nonblue (easy is a relative term of course, i just mean it's next step up in terms of how many pieces of power). You coulllld play without the fast mana, haha.

Prices are getting to be to their lowest point of the year with holidays, and they're more likely to rebound or spike than to stay depressed. They certainly won't be their prices they were 2 years ago, or 5 years ago. Prices tend to creep up or spike entering spring.

The alternative to buying Bazaars is to pick up Ancestral and Time Walk and play maybe Jeskai Dreadhorde without fast mana? Or also a pyromancer or delver variant, any list that doesn't really lean on fast mana (like shops and oath for example, which i think are more unplayable without the 6 fast mana than Dreadhorde is without 2 or 3 fast mana).

You can also play Bazaars in a fastbond lands variant and rely on the Mox Diamonds, just play a non-prison version so you don't have to get shops.

Re: where to buy! Facebook is your best bet if you don't mind getting a grasp of it. Prices will always be under SCG/CK/CFB/TCG/Ebay. It's scary to buy from strangers but you can use paypal g&s. I buy and sell tons over FB for side income (i sold $9,958 in October, woot woot) and i could help you track down some pieces and check people's references or straight up 3rd party a sale for you to check for counterfeits. I've done it before and i 3rd party international trades frequently for overseas folks when they run out of luck finding US traders to ship to them.

Other than that, events is great so you can have the card in hand and can negotiate. Ebay auctions can sometimes go great. I have 100 saved searches (the max on the app) for high end cards so i see prices all day every day and sometimes people get lucky.