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Vintage 5k was dropped last year, and this year is there side events/Play All Weekend? It appears the side events will be trials on Thursday, and then only draft and Commander...

edit: Ahh, there is a note to check back for complete side event schedule.

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Hmmm, have to have 4 lands in play (this being the 4th) and none of them can be Karakas, Academy, Strip, or Library (or you're another turn away from fulfilling requirements)? Can't be Orchard. You have to dodge Strip/Waste. Super grindy deck that wants this.

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Googling is just the best way, because honestly, there has been more than one issue with that individual.

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Well, it's easier to resolve with Misstep restricted, and we kind of have a fair amount of decks focusing on dudes.

But what will you do with it if not specifically Marit Lage?

Mentor and trigger it a couple times? Very narrow.

Punch someone with their own Leovold?

Buyback your spell with their Arcanist?

The cmc is great but i don't think any really impactful plays are happening with the 3 cmc dues right now?

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This is a bit of a nutty cEDH card though. Multiplayer format with lots of reasons to play early green permanents.

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An extra Pyroblast, Nature's Claim, and a Lightning Bolt. Although Bolt may be sketch, but i figured it pops planeswalkers at a similar rate as Pyro, pops all of Shops creatures at about the same rate as Nature's Claim, as well as Arcanist, Leo, Confidant, C Priest, and Lavinia.

But i also haven't started with any 'stock' list so saying those replaced my missteps probably does not mean that much.

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@fsecco Well it's down already, haha

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I'm unsure, i have a generic control pile of the regular restricted draw spells and stuff. Playing 1x Griselbrand, 1x Niv Mizzet Parun, and 1x Sphinx of the Steel Wind/1x Tinker.

I've seen Wrenn and Six show up but i'm not sure how great that could be - haven't tried it.

Looking at mtgop8, i do see less cages i think. Just in shops right now, it appears.

I've picked up a set of Force of Vigors to combat the Mystic Forge Karn Lattice bs, but i never got around to putting them into the deck before they were restricted. Now i'm wondering if a couple would still be good, however i don't know what the green count would have to look like.

But i'm down to shop. I started a side gig buying/selling cards and i haven't had so much time to just aimlessly look at vintage content for 6 hours a week, so i've decided i'm just playing Oath no matter what at EW. I'm so unsure of the new shaping up right now.

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@maximumcdawg Her ability is.

The name isn't randomly terrible, it's the name of a character in the mythos who's identity is still a secret (not just to us but to Boros law enforcement).

An lol sideboard Oath monster for sure. I would not mind playing a somewhat derpy creature for fun.

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I feel pretty certain we haven't had enough time or games to decide whether the mulligan is better for all-in strategies.

Dredge, for example (the posterchild of mulligans), might not actually be better overall with the mulligan. If we can reach Bazaar with more cards in hand on average, that's a net bonus for the deck, but on the other hand, other decks may reach pieces of hate plus a backup (or their own fast plan) just as easy, giving us a net neutral.

What i do believe can happen is that, at least for the first period of time (some months), Dredge will uptick in popularity as people test it to confirm whether or not the mulligan is better. Which gives us both potentially biased opinions and an increase in Bazaars not necessarily due to increased power but due to perceived increased power.