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I think Miharu winning that event drastically changed the landscape of Vintage Champs. I swear its like 20% Oath over here right now!

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Mox Boarding House Bellevue (part of Card Kingdom) does Vintage FNM once a month.

We got 20 the first time, like 14 the next, and pretty much ever since about 8. I've played in all of them since late spring. I wish they would do twice a month, or once a month at both store locations so we could play every 2 weeks.

If we are counting non-sanctioned vintage, i also get some people to play with me with some frequency with proxies.

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Joe Brennan from NJ, interviewed at EW NA 2016, said something along the lines of having each weekend at least one or two 1ks at 2h driving distance tops.

I specifically remember this too, can't forget it. Nowadays, i have a family, so if i move from the west coast of usa, it would be to be near my parents 2k miles away, not to the northeast, also 2k miles away. But a younger self would have moved out there so i can get weekly Vintage lol.

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Awesome, thanks everyone.

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Today (thursday) is Trials for bye and mostly just setting up.

Tomorrow, Friday, is Vintage Champs

Stream will be at Twitch

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You can still play a control plan if you have 4 Oaths in the deck.

1 Forbidden Orchard is impossible for me to believe is correct.

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@nedleeds said in Buying into paper Vintage:

Always start with Lotus.

Well it sure eases the pain of buying the moxes next, but it's the hardest to purchase up front. There was a beat up Lotus on ebay that just finished at auction for 4200 though, which is the same rough price of a set of Bazaars

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I played 4c Leovold Thieves (only green cards were Leovold and Grudge in the board) in the main event. Leovold and Notion Thief are very strong threats against Paradoxical. Went 3-0 and 2-1 and 2-0 split tickets in the sides. I had been testing and playing a Drain Gifts deck with packages like Tinker/Time Walk, Volt Key, YawgWill/Snap/Mission briefing to put together a win upon resolution but didn't feel confident so i went with my Night's Whisper Leovold/Thief/Dack/Kess valuetown control. Perfomed poorly, went 1-1-1 and drop.
Played the same in a few Challenges and overperformed. Went 3-0, 2-0 split tickets, 2-1.

Today i played 4 Challenges with Griselbrand Oath, and transform sideboard into Paradoxical. Went 3-0 tricking people into boarding dead cards :), then had a 3-0 repeat doing the same thing. It was nuts to see people play dead cards and go "hmmm, i thought you were on Oath" and i get to reply and say "Yea, well i was a while ago, then i sideboarded 12 cards". Also had Tinker/Colossus package in the Paradoxical board, which i would bring in with more artifact removal and a little mana vs Shops instead of boarding into Paradoxical.
Third side event i played Paradoxical first and boarded into Oath, for the funsies. Kind of a flex but was i was having a blast. Went 2-1 but i really only lost the one round due to variance and just nutty statistics. I can't be too salty but i feel some pride in how close it was and how much it was not my fault. I'm happy.
Fourth i went 2-1 playing an Oath control brew with 1 each Niv Mizzet, Dragonlord Dromoka, Griselbrand. I lost fair and square to another Oath deck. We played a stupid weird game. I didn't show him Oath/Orcahrd in our game 1 but he saw me playing Oath earlier and boarded his 4 Oaths out. I was sure he was on Oath although game 1 i didn't see an Orchard or Oath from him either, so i boarded out some Oaths. Our game was so stupidly durdle and we traded activating Orchards so that neither of could sneak an Oath trigger. Once he hit 2 Orchards, i hit 2 Orchards. I ended that game with 10 tokens and he hardcast Grisel, i hard cast Dromoka, and he had only 6 spirits (i couldn't keep up after he hit 3rd Orchard). It was just weird, a tiny bit awful, and a lot of fun. In hindsight i should have attacked with spirits and dared him to race me since he activated more fetches and cast more Painful Truths.

Niv Mizzet is super exciting! I'm not too super fond of the design space of "do X, draw a card" or cards with the design "here's 6 abilities that may or may not have to do with each other". But Niv is awesome. I got to live the dream of Oath into Niv Mizzet, Time Walk, Oath in Griselbrand. Played against shops and we were both 6/7 and they Metamorphed my Niv to have a blocker, i By Force their Niv and resolve Twister. Such a blast.

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Is Vengeful Pharaoh interesting?

I picked one up on TCGPlayer to tinker around with because i felt i had to buy something for Black Friday.

It's a reasonable effect that sits in the graveyard to remove something off their board, plus it can also (sort of) put a creature card in your hand when you run out by being back on top for drawing.

It's not explosive or obviously powerful but i sort of feel like pitching during your opponent's combat could be a thing at some point, though i realize we are not really on the plan of activating Bazaar and Survival on their turn.

And in the unlikeliest of scenarios, i also thought it would be cool to take 2 from Thalia in the mirror, blow up something without first strike, then bazaar to dump it for the second combat step and get another destruction in.

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Been thinking about this, and just sleeved up a version. Have some thoughts i want to ask about, but let me know if it's already been covered before. Just bear with me as i have not played any form of this deck against anyone yet.

Vengeful Pharaoh?

@aeonsovarius said in Survival Salad:

Is Vengeful Pharaoh interesting?

It's a reasonable effect that sits in the graveyard to remove something off their board, plus it can also (sort of) put a creature card in your hand when you run out by being back on top for drawing.

It's not explosive or obviously powerful but i sort of feel like pitching during your opponent's combat could be a thing at some point, though i realize we are not really on the plan of activating Bazaar and Survival on their turn.

Mana Crypt? Unless i'm mistaken, it appears to me no one is playing this. It doesn't really cast the colored creatures like Leovold but it really amps you into casting Hollow One and Vengevine if need be, but is also just a bonus Mox for Turn 1 Survival.

Does anyone like Mental Misstep or Flusterstorm in a non-Force version? Maybe a couple Misstep in the side to help against Cage?

Mana Confluence: is it greedy? A lot of versions seem to be 3 color and have a splash in some way? It's not fetchable, but if you draw it, you don't have to fetch it.

Dryad Arbor, i saw a little discussion but not a lot. Seems a great way to feed DRS in a pinch, another body pitch to survival, can be fetched, etc. Seems medium but seems to have very strong utility.

Demonic Tutor in black versions? Are we just so redundant we don't want to wait around to spend 2 mana? I mean (of course you know what DT does) it's just another Bazaar or Survival or any body or Time Walk.

In the line of tutors, could Entomb ever be useful? Entomb gets the Squee or the Vengevine when you don't have a Survival or creature in hand, Grudge if need be.

Anyway, thanks for reading even if you don't particularly have any thoughts.

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I am probably the one who is not bothered by playing against PO 😞

Although, a restriction would be fine by me, simply because of meta share.

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The only way is the manual labor of searching ebay completes to get an idea what people will pay. MKM and TCG are good too, but depends on product. TCG sellers are always overpriced compared the values people buy and sell at on a market like facebook when looking at power and such. Like what you already said, the high-volume cards are more 'accurately' priced. Similarly, TCG Median and TCG Market are different metrics which have pros and cons. A downside is that Market and Median on TCG are just bad metrics for power.

Taking SCG and reducing prices by 35% might give you good numbers. But maybe their particular item is well over 35% of what it can be had for on Ebay, and no one will buy from you. Maybe 35% off SCG on a particular item translates to under Card Kingdom buylist, and you definitely don't want to do that.

Depending on your time frame to sell, you will want to beat the market prices at different amounts. If you aren't beating market prices, you aren't incentivizing anyone who can get your product on TCG, Ebay, a major store, a GP, etc. But if you are really in no hurry whatsoever to sell, you don't have to cut off your price, you could just wait until it's worth your listed price or other supply dries up.

For example, many people on Facebook are accustomed to purchasing stuff at 10% under other options. Sellers on Ebay and TCG pay fees and have to contend with unhappy customers (refunds and chargebacks and what not). Selling for 10% under on Facebook gets you close to what you'd get after fees and also lets you dodge certain troubles you'd expose yourself to presenting as a 'real store'.

You can't easily use a spreadsheet from any site and get an accurate reading, there will be too much variance or the seller you get prices from will be higher priced than anyone is willing to pay from a random player.

I would wait a few months to sell if you can. Tax returns will change prices and there will be more buyers.

If you want to sell fast, just take a good inventory and pics and send it to a ton of vendors and resellers. I suppose you already know buylists exist so i assume this isn't what you're looking for.

I trade and sell a lot over faceook, including tons of high end stuff. Feel free to shoot me a message and i can answer questions or give you more ideas on how i price cards to sale, i can even help you sale if that is something you are into.

I just strongly suggest putting the labor hours into individually pricing it all for the best money. You could also just auction the whole entire lot but you will take a big hit overall.

@danl15243 said in Huge Old School collection for sale: how to price it right?:

The best way to do it is look at your collection, come up with a number ($15K?$20K?), and then just stick to your guns until you get what you are happy with. Expecting to price individually and not get offers at only 50 to 60% of it will be tough, especially since the Old School market has cooled down and most likely wont pick up again until March/April/Tax Season in the US. I can quickly flip through my "brag book" and quote a number that I'd part with the cards for; it's all just cardboard anyways right? πŸ™‚

Exactly. But in order to have that ballpark I need to at least evaluate everything. Deckbox did that automatically for me, but I want to make sure they're not tripping in their prices. If it was a 10-20k collection it'd be way easier to do.

I don't see how what they said was in any way, shape, or form valuable advice. It won't help you sell cards in a timely manner if that's your goal.

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@wagner said in Single Card Discussion - Lavinia, Azorious Renegade:

At a time where most sets don't even include a Vintage playable card, I'm just always excited to see a new card that could shake things up a bit, especially one that has an ability we've never seen before.

No? I haven't been actually playing Vintage for too long, but there are a ton of new cards in Vintage for sure. I saw four Guilds of Ravnica cards at Eternal Weekend for example.

I think Lavinia seems suited for a midrange deck, maybe even some greedy 4c abomination like the red Leovold decks or Sylvan Mentor. Maybe you play "mono asymmetrical hate" with Lavinia, Leovold, Notion Thief, and Kambal for some ground pounders and some restricted draw spells, Stony Silence, and counters?

I have long played red Leovold deck mixups like your standard greedy midrange/control, with and without tinker, and with the whole Grixis Thieves deck plus Leo. Thinking i'll get some white cards and try some nonsense for fun regardless of Lavinia pans out.

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Rav Trap or Leylines?

Dark Confidant and Chalice are just completely out?

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Besides whether or not i like this change or think it's healthy, i've mostly been thinking;

"Does it really matter if Dredge has a 95% or 99% to start with Bazaar".

The answer to that for me is 'not really', but it's mostly what comes up when someone mentions the London, even from non-vintage players. People keep saying Dredge will be broken (and only some of them are saying in jest) and i'm just 'not really, they win game 1 anyway and i can more safely mull to hate in game 2 as well'.

Dredge will not be a broken Tier 0 deck just because of London Mulligan.

I think that this is just a different mulligan and i'm excited to try if it becomes a thing, and things are just fine if it doesn't.

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@stuart said in RUG Pyromancer:

Snapcasters (because of Cage)?

Snap is still an ambush viper who can at least get in and chump block to 'gain' you 3-4 life and kill Bridges. But with only 2 Cages (in this particular list) you are probably still going to cast a spell with him sometimes.

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@moorebrother1 said in Is any deck fair?:

The concept of interaction is really in the eye of the beholder. I do not find counterspells to be interactive.

The idea that a deck is fair because it’s plan for winning is to control the game and take over is not fair. The term fair should be reserved for Standard in my opinion.

What makes counterspell not interactive? I think there are exciting and unexciting things about counterspells, but it seems whether i like them or not, they are literally 'interaction'.

What does fair mean in the context of Standard then?

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Pretty normal now it appears. Losing Misstep decreased the blue count for FoW in the overall tempo plan. Gaining Ouphe helped the combo matchup as well. Probably a mix of factors.

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The biggest threat to Bazaar decks is a restriction, and i don't think it's likely since we have several archetypes that use it - unless something really unforeseeable, it's likely better to restrict around it (imp if dredge actually became broken broken and not regular broken, hollow one if either dredge or survival became a problem, etc)

The financial aspect is too personal for us to guess, i think. You gotta analyze and decide if you have the $4K to spend, or if you can spring for $8k and do something else, or if you want to play an unpowered deck and save many thousands.

You can build a vintage dredge deck for only a nominal amount after you own Bazaars. You really want Lotus and Moxes in Survival but it's easy to branch out into that deck next if you play nonblue (easy is a relative term of course, i just mean it's next step up in terms of how many pieces of power). You coulllld play without the fast mana, haha.

Prices are getting to be to their lowest point of the year with holidays, and they're more likely to rebound or spike than to stay depressed. They certainly won't be their prices they were 2 years ago, or 5 years ago. Prices tend to creep up or spike entering spring.

The alternative to buying Bazaars is to pick up Ancestral and Time Walk and play maybe Jeskai Dreadhorde without fast mana? Or also a pyromancer or delver variant, any list that doesn't really lean on fast mana (like shops and oath for example, which i think are more unplayable without the 6 fast mana than Dreadhorde is without 2 or 3 fast mana).

You can also play Bazaars in a fastbond lands variant and rely on the Mox Diamonds, just play a non-prison version so you don't have to get shops.

Re: where to buy! Facebook is your best bet if you don't mind getting a grasp of it. Prices will always be under SCG/CK/CFB/TCG/Ebay. It's scary to buy from strangers but you can use paypal g&s. I buy and sell tons over FB for side income (i sold $9,958 in October, woot woot) and i could help you track down some pieces and check people's references or straight up 3rd party a sale for you to check for counterfeits. I've done it before and i 3rd party international trades frequently for overseas folks when they run out of luck finding US traders to ship to them.

Other than that, events is great so you can have the card in hand and can negotiate. Ebay auctions can sometimes go great. I have 100 saved searches (the max on the app) for high end cards so i see prices all day every day and sometimes people get lucky.