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"Pitch Dredge is the worst thing to happen to Vintage this decade." - 2015 Vintage Champion Brian Kelly

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Oh is this stuff not Standard-legal? I know literally nothing about the new set other than the spoilers I've seen

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This is probably the strongest card in the cycle in small formats like Standard where aggro is viable (the new blue Force is also up there)

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so does Transguild Courier

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@vaughnbros The first green cards I would consider would be Grave-Troll (obviously), Noxious Revival (in the Petrified Field slot), Shambling Shell (which has Dredge 3 but can be eaten by Unmask and Ichorid) and perhaps Molderhulk as a Dread Return target

Honestly I don't think you have to worry about green count that much because you should have some time to filter your hand vs Leyline and vs everything else you can Dredge a Troll which you are definitely running anyway

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What if you have 2 pieces to cast off a Workshop? 2-2 Doesn't work, 1-1 or 1-2 does

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@protoaddict We should probably call them Nature's Claim effects if "not having a reason to run Naturalize because this card exists" is the metric

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How's that Balance?

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Lots of Leyline / Rest in Peace. I wonder if that's the issue with the Pitch list in 12th?

The Gurmag Angler is really there to help against hate and it gets shut down by replacement-effect exilers. Bust out the Marit Lages with something like this maindeck and maybe you're onto something.

By the way, it touches my heart that he's on that maindeck. Max dredgers, max best combo self-reanimator, max best grindy self-reanimator, this guy really believes!

Gerard, wherever you are, I love you man

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I support Vengeful Pharoah - it's incredibly powerful in a Dredge deck as you only have to give up something like 1/5 or 1/6 of a draw step per creature killed. Obviously it can be meta-dependent but it's firmly in my list of Dredge playables.

I'd encourage you to try to include Ichorids in the deck - they are simply the best creature for grinding games out, especially in the context of Bridge from Below. To my mind, Bloodghast is more of a combo piece, second only to Narcomoeba in this respect, as well as a questionable aggro creature post-board.

The real virtue of Therapy is that once you start Dredging it allows you to buy time to close out the game while taking very few slots from the rest of your deck. If you need more of a 'finisher', I would add Therapy first then start looking at things like Dread Return