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"Pitch Dredge is the worst thing to happen to Vintage this decade." - 2015 Vintage Champion Brian Kelly

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Is Thoughtcast with multiple creature type requirements that good? Feels like a Ux Fish kind of card, seems unlikely that it should be strong enough to get restricted

The current restricted list has a number of Xerox-ey cards, but I don't think we've ever had a restriction that really hit Fish-type decks more than other archetypes.

Fishlike decks tend to be pretty reactive and metagamey, which makes it hard for them to become really dominant

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UR managorger, seems good

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Seems too expensive to play, so the cycling mode should be compared against the Angel board generators (the cycling thing, the miracle thing) for that kind of effect.

My verdict is no, but being blue is a hell of a drug so who knows

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This seems like a very @Smmenen card to me

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Yeah, kind of like stapling a draw engine to Delver of Secrets, but you can only play it later on

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4 mana is a lot, but the effect is splashy. Interesting.

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Also hits Bolas' Citadel

Doesn't stop Oath of Druids, Dredge's free creatures, or Tinker. I think most actual spell-casting in Vintage does take place from the hand

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But wait, there's more!

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@brass-man I don't like Skullclamp in this context. As you identified, you want to load your opening hand to make an immediate impact. Skullclamp is more of a win-eventually card.

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Very interesting. I think the pitch counters in both HollowVine and Dredge load more of the value of your deck into your opening hand, and having strong early hate-bear options mirrors this quite a bit.

It feels to me like Pitch Dredge showed that there was room in the Dredge archetype to load in almost any package you wanted. That point was driven home by Zias' Shops/Dredge hybrids, and now we're looking at massive hybridization of the Bazaar-as-creature-engine concept. Admittedly, in HollowVine decks the Bazaar doesn't serve quite so squarely as a graveyard engine in particular, but it feels like a close cousin to me.

My personal preference is always to maximize consistency if your deck has sufficient power level. I would be interested in seeing a version of the HollowX archetype with artifact-based lock pieces, because the mana for that can be much more consistent (one mana source being sufficient for almost all lock pieces). Granted this would weaken Once Upon a Time quite a bit, but perhaps it would be worthwhile.