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I’m not actually worried about cost as I play online, but I did think it’s cool how cheap this is.

I originally ran cabal therapy but switched it after losing a game to t1 mystic forge when I could have played a t1 discard. I’m sure therapy is better than I think, I’d like to find room for 1-2. Gitaxian probe also is very good

Imperial seal felt really bad, but demonic and vamp are probably fine, if a little bit slow. I’ll try them over the crop rotations again

I saw mental misstep, wasn’t sure if it fits in the hybrid decklist. It would do a lot of work against both Swords to Plowshares and Dark Ritual

I think hogaak is a better answer to wasteland than pithing needle, but it’s worth trying

Thanks for the input! It could be worthwhile to try pure depths to learn what holes I need to patch up with the hogaak plan

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Has anyone else been playing Hogaak Depths? I’ve been having ok results (4-1s and 3-2s) with this original list and my variation.

4 verdant catacombs
2 bayou
1 forest
1 swamp
1 dryad arbor
4 urborg, tomb of yawgmoth
4 dark depths
4 thespian’s stage
1 bojuka bog
1 sejiri steppe
1 wasteland
1 strip mine

3 mox diamond
4 thoughtseize
2 crop rotation
2 assassin’s trophy

4 deathrite shaman
4 elvish reclaimer
4 vampire hexmage
4 stitcher’s supplier
4 satyr wayfinder
4 hogaak, arisen necropolis

4 ravenous trap
4 collector ouphe
1 chains of mephistopheles
1 karakas
1 bojuka bog
4 [cards that aren’t force of vigor]

I seem to be winning a very respectable number of G1s vs dredge, and the hogaak engine is very strong against BUG (obviously 20/20 is strong too). I’ve won a couple games against Lavinia by attacking with 3/4s and 2/1s with first strike so that’s definitely a fine plan c.

I’ve mostly been losing to swords to plowshares, and fast mystic forge starts where I’m not able to stick an Ouphe or I die before I can play it. I’m hoping the 4 force of vigor can help here, as well as vs citadel/outcome/oath.

I had a couple games early on where a jet/emerald wasn’t the color I wanted. Mox Diamond is obviously less powerful, but I haven’t been disappointed so far.

I believe this deck has legs, and it is certainly a very strong budget deck that doesn’t really miss the lotus/moxen. My next few leagues I will try Nurturing Peatlands and Blooming Marshes instead of fetch/duals to see if I can push the deck cost below $1000