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Where's Sensei's Top in the list? Did you blow anything up with Blast Zone?

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@vaughnbros Pay 1, draw a card is still pretty hot.

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Has anyone considered Channel as a combo piece with Karn G.C.? For 10 life, you can Karn + Lattice on the same turn.

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@blindtherapy Thank you for pointing that out! Hella saucy.

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Oh my lord: Oath Triggers, Hurkyl's Recall, protection from being pinged by Walking Ballista . . . it's only a speed bump but lots of implications.

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@moorebrother1 I Agree wholeheartedly that spicy mustard is much better than yellow mustard on most, if not all lunchmeat-based sandwiches. And Ashen Rider is better card choice than Meteor Golem in Oath of Druids decks. Glad we're both on topic 🙂

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Infinite thanks to ELD and Scholars for hosting this event. It was wonderful to see old faces and meet some new.

Kudos to Max (I hope that's correct and if not, apologies!) for developing an amazing homebrew that totally wrecked the whole room.

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Spine of Ish Sah creeps into a sideboard on occasion, but typically isn't played because it costs so dang much and doesn't do anything once it's hit a target. What do we think of a version with legs? It's far from broken but does that make the cost/effect Vintage playable?

Other analogous cards: Duplicant, Skysovereign, Consul Flagship, Meteor