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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Forsaken Monument:

When you tap a permanent for colorless, add an additional colorless

If I were to tap workshop, would this additional colorless be hindered by the, "only spend me on artifacts," clause? If not, another edge case for this card is that it allows workshop to activate your factories. It also doesn't care about null rod, so it mitigates some of the pain of lost artifact mana by allowing your lands to tap for extra.

Those things being said, I don't think I want to windmill slam this onto the table turn 1, but I might want a couple copies in the 75. The +2/+2 on everything is a good clock.

@Thewhitedragon69 — love where you're going with this.

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Against the right deck (PO), this is Pyrostatic Pillar on steroids. That being said, it's super narrow. I see it as a local-meta-specific hate card at best.

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How long do we give Lurrus before it gets the ban-hammer?

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I just went 1-3 at ELD's with Deunan's list (Beat ANT, lost to BUG, and 2x Boris' Citadel Storm).

It was essentially his list, minus the 2 Karns, 1 revoker, plus 2 smokestacks and a Null Rod. (I can post it if necessary.c)

Some Observations on the day:

Null Rod is awesome and insane and that's why I wanted up to 4, post-board.I cut Karn GC for one, but I feel that is a big mistake, leading to my next point . . .

Hurkyl's Recall is the beatingest of beatings for this deck and my opponents ran a lot of them. Like, 4 of them, post-board a lot. If I had kept Karn GC in the deck and managed to stick it, it would at least be Hurk's proof and kept me in the game.

I had 1 Witchbane Orb and a Defense grid wedged into the board, replacing the Grafdigger's Cages (wasn't expecting Oath and we have other tools for dredge), but that's not nearly enough. I think this thing needs 2-3 Witchbanes and more Defense Grids to stand a chance. Even then, Grid doesn't help with a main-phase Hurkyl's, so I feel a touch at a loss on this one.

Golos is pretty cool, and although it's a little slow, its effect can be back-breaking! It mostly helped assemble Strip lock or find Academy and it was nice to be able to grab Tabernacle against BUG (Wasteland + Deathrite ate it, though).

I never wanted Urborg, but I know why it's there and we probably shouldn't cut it. Especially when BUG runs Energy Flux.

I never got to use God-Pharaoh's statue, and I wonder if this slot would be better suited toward something that could reliably come down earlier.

Bottled Cloister is surprisingly good and kept me a lot further ahead than I thought it would have.

Mishra's Factory was underwhelming today, but that could be because of the meta. Blast zones would have served much better in the games that I played. I would consider these as flex slots in the future.

Despite the format's speed, Smokestack somehow still wins games.

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@megantic If we roll the format back 12 years, I'm all in.

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*dusts off workshops... *

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Don't forget about Root Maze. It's the little speed bump that could.

And Choke, for those blue assholes.

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Where's Sensei's Top in the list? Did you blow anything up with Blast Zone?

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@vaughnbros Pay 1, draw a card is still pretty hot.