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@serracollector if you're trying for coalition victory, you want some nonblue duals to fetch, so it's possible to win on 3 lands rather than 4

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@botvinik said in Cage V RIP:

It is great versus Hogaak and dredge who typically have at most two ways to remove it in the 75 witch they may not even bring in if your main board shows few or no creatures. Those decks have no way to get to 20 without attacking so the effect frequently completely locks them out.

speaking with regard to dredge, not hogaak, i would point out that dredge often plays creeping chill, and thus only needs to have attacked for 8 to eventually kill you. dredge also still sometimes plays dread return, and ashen rider, elesh norn, or flayer of the hatebound off a dread return will kill peacekeeper, and anyone playing dread return will likely have at least one of those as a target.

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@botvinik peacekeeper is an expensive spell at 3 mana, and once in play remains vulnerable to mana denial. there are other cards that likely win the game against shop when combined with stony that are better on their own than peacekeeper is on its own.

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i foiled out my deck(dredge). bazaar is nonfoil; previously when the deck played power/LED, serenity, or undiscovered paradise they were also nonfoil, and 3 of my petrified fields are nonfoil(due to only being able to find one signed foil) when i play that card. contagion, when played in the board, is nonfoil.
the degree to which foils are marked can vary depending on which foiling process was used and how they've been stored; I flatted my foils in a press and store them in a box with silica packets so humidity is less of a concern. my deck is full of alters, so I always have to get my deck approved by a judge before any big event, and i've never had any problems come up with the cards being considered marked, but i've definitely seen foils that even double sleeved would be obviously visible as such. there was a particularly egregious promo yixlid jailer ended up on top of my opponent's deck one time when i didn't cut after he tinkered for citadel in a small event, though i don't know if it was intentional or not, the card was definitely marked.
I actually once had an opponent in a non-vintage event, in the process of saying that i might have marked cards, choose to demonstrate this concept by claiming that his own cards were marked and pull a foil and a nonfoil from his graveyard and say he could tell the difference by feel.

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Kazandu Nectarpot is not a relevant card; Jaddi Offshoot has existed for years at 1 less mana.

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@thewhitedragon69 it's a 1 for 1. the 2/1 cost you a card. when snapcaster gives you value, it's because you spent a card, got a 2/1, then your opponent traded a card for the thing you flashed back. when you cast this and then cast a spell to have both copies of that spell hit with a fluster or trap, you did not get any value out of this; you spent 2 cards and got a 2/1 while your opponent spent 1 card.
maybe this card is playable, but if your opponent has flusterstorm you're probably better off not playing this card and instead using that 2 mana to pay for flusterstorm on the single copy of the spell you're casting than trading your great spell for flusterstorm and playing a goblin piker.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Sea Gate Stormcaller:

Flusterstorm can counter both copies, but not the 2/1, so it's still some value.

not really? you played a 2/1 for 2 mana, and flusterstorm traded with whatever spell was cast. putting goblin piker in your deck is not value.

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big upgrade on eidolon of rhetoric/big thalia

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well, this is a hell of a punisher card.

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@maximumcdawg so far all the lands that have a spell on the front enter tapped. i would expect this to continue to be the case, possibly excepting a colorless spell/land. waiting a turn cycle seems like something belcher and oops would not like to do.

edit: unless oops will run an off-color land that enters untapped. 1 is free, i guess0_1599091679225_78e71fbf-9806-4476-88a6-62f77de0488b-image.png