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@macdeath casting it for 6 mana is not the primary idea; discarding it to cards like riddlesmith, baral,frantic search, lion's eye diamond, dack and then casting it for three is the point.

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is playing 12 cyclers even better than playing 8 blue sources and 4 fatestitcher? you effectively need to draw 2 of 12 cyclers to have the same value as 1 of 8 lands

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@t1darkrit as one of the people planning on doing both trials, I'd definitely rather not have to make the trip twice.

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well, I'm probably going.

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so in an attempt to not produce further Smuggler's Copter/Heart of Kiran/etc they are incidentally make less cards that can be cast entirely off workshops.

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@volrathxp said in Vintage 101: The Hogaakening:

Wanderer seems like an intriguing way of granting haste and amusingly enough it's also a green creature for Hogaak and a green card for Force of Vigor so that is probably what influenced Bahra's choice here.

it is also, importantly, a blue card- this probably matters more than convoking to cask hogaak, as even casting a hasty hogaak by doing so is tapping 8 power to get 8 power

Incidentally, if someone wants the haste target that pitches to ichorid/unmask and Force of Vigor, the card is called Madrush Cyclops.