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A grave is the safest place to store ill-gotten treasures.

NYSE 3 winner, vintage champs 2015 top 4.

Unban Shahrazad.

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@fsecco the normal ball lightning clause is to sacrifice at the beginning of the next end step. if this card didn't sac on next upkeep, you would be able to cast this on your opponent's end step(for the alternate cost), then move to your turn and get to attack before then losing them at your end step. Compare to Waylay, which at one point could be played as 'the white ball lightning' when it could be cast on end step and let you untap and attack. turning 2 red cards into 6 damage is of course normal for burn, but doing it for 0 mana is not.
I think the most recent parallel to this templating is Rally the Ancestors, an instant that brought your creatures back and then exiled them at your next upkeep.

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@fsecco if the card was worded like normal ball lightnings then it would be a bit over the line in legacy/modern burn.

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I admittedly don't play many decks with moxen, but this seems like much lower payoff than any of the other things you can do when trick-casting the other costless suspend spells. if you're throwing them in your citadel deck, I feel like 4 more lotuses are in before the first of these.

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@fsecco ashiok is capable of self-mill, which is probably going to be more relevant in legacy where it clears brainstorms than it is in this format. I think part of the card's versatility is targetting self, while still crypting the opponent.

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efficiently costed creature with card selection. probably doesn't make the cut in any existing decks but pushed so worth posting.

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@fsecco if traumatize cost 1 mana it'd be played in dredge with mental missteps and forces to protect it. but self-mill is essentially a completely different card evaluation situation than this thread.

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for single wincons yes, milling is random, and milling unknown cards is net neutral in effect until it kills them, discounting graveyard synergies by assuming this is exile mill. How does this work out for composite wincons? vault+key for the sake of simplicity, and because it can be 1 of each of those as opposed to playsets of another wincon. hitting half of the pair makes the other no longer (fully) functional. let's say our example mill is Traumatize, milling half. Milling half would have a 50% chance of eliminating a mentor, say, and a 50% chance of bringing it closer(not that it wouldn't have been found eventually despite sitting in the bottom half at the moment given cantrips and tutors and fetches). For a 2 part combo, it would have a roughly 75% chance to hit at least one of the 2 parts unless I'm missing something.

as a practical concern, exiling parts of your opponent's deck may just help them with cards like the new Karn, or standard all-star crackling drake

If the goal is to strip wincons, just play sadistic sacrament.

I do not think mill into exile will become a new norm, I think it's specific to Ashiok here. a lot of mill cards are mill so that they can also function in self-mill archetypes in draft, etc.

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I felt forced to make the joke

I think that for modern they don't want free spells to contribute to massive multispell turns for tempo reasons. Or maybe they just wanted a restriction and this was what they came up with. It's certainly an interesting one, depending on what it ends up on.

I'm not sure how much the delay really hurts you. If you're under spheres, casting this may still be your whole turn, unless you had a bunch of fast mana stranded in hand to play after it. Under a null rod or revokers, you can't use your newly freed on-board fast mana for sorceries, which is a concern, but if you're able to cast this on lock cards and not threats you're likely going to untap and be unrestricted.

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I think the opposing turn clause, aside from being done to restrict the counterspell and then expanded out from there, is designed so that the cards can't be part of going off with multiple spells on your turn. If it's your turn you should be spending mana to cast these spells, as your land just untapped.

i agree, the naming is a bit forced.

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card is likely unplayable but the flavor text is so shamelessly unsubtle i felt the need to share it