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bolas's citadel(bargain to a lesser extent) is another mark in favor of nature's claim

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@marcb said in 4c Planeswalker sort of Oath Control:

Dack can steal artifact elk tokens

this is not the case. an elk is an elk. it will retain any supertypes(legendary, basic, snow) but its only type will be Creature, unless it's a particular card with weird interactions.

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@pmelies that would be The Immortal Sun

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For those who can't or won't use facebook the event seems to be on November 10th

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no, the True-name interaction is relevant. you can cast this on something else after your opponent blocks one of your creatures with TNN and then the TNN takes combat damage as normal.

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@daniel-worobec I can't imagine playing a card like this as a 2-3x. it's like leylines.

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@protoaddict or quicker to a dredge 5, yes. it also makes hollow one more common, depending whether you'd pick it over a dredger or not.

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@vaughnbros the options are slightly dependant on what cards were kept earlier in the mulligan process of course when bottoming cards with ponder and then mulling the powder hand. in terms of what the average options are, given a 58 card deck where one bazaar and one OUAT are accounted for, that's easy enough.

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@daniel-worobec I am working on the math now, though it's a little tricky given how many different things it does. currently I'm trying to think through exactly how the simulation should preference taking various cards over each other in what circumstances(should a second dredger be taken over a hollow one, etc)

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not sure why this is mythic but seems pushed.