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@thecravenone it seems to still be 59 cards.

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@thecravenone said in Two Card Monte:

Daretti was a Cabal Therapy naming "any counterspell"
Oko mostly just bought time in a couple draw-go games. The Food token got sac'd to Tinker once.

i think you posted the wrong list, as i don't see daretti or oko in this post

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@brass-man maybe just add a question like "what card draws three cards and puts 2 back for 1 mana" that any magic player can answer but bots won't have a stock response to.

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@protoaddict said in [CMR] Wheel of Misfortune:

I think this card has more legs in other formats that don't have access to Wheel of Fortune.

so exactly legacy? this is coming from a commander set.

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@thewhitedragon69 surgical extraction doesn't work with the agent, as you're the one searching.

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I would just like to note that if this translation is accurate, you control the player, like mindslaver, so you get to see their hand/sideboard/morphs when resolving their search.

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@nofuture said in Splendid Scholar Oath:

Since we are also putting a Sanctuary into play and will almost certainly have the requisite 4 islands

note that if you don't have 3 other islands in play before Splendid Reclamation, Mystic Sanctuary will enter tapped and you will get no trigger.

as for general notes on the idea, i think that scholar is a powerful card, but splendid reclamation is probably not, given that you want to hit not only specific cards off your oath trigger but to hit them in quantity.

other oath packages that rely on the graveyard exist, like sun titan. the number of slots those spend would be an interesting point of comparison.

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@joshuabrooks this is still three championships, as before. previously they were north america/europe/asia, held on different weekends. now, they are scheduled to be convenient to those time zones but in the same weekend. it was previously possible to play in multiple of them, and still is now, though likely a bit easier for most people than having to plan multiple trips.

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@thecravenone in a paper tournament that might be as little as seven rounds some years

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@john-cox i don't even see a spam link in the post itself, just on his user profile. they're learning