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@desolutionist @Ten-Ten

looks like:
4 bazaar
1 academy
3 blue fetch
3 underground sea
2 island
8 SoLoMoxCrypt
3 mox opal
1 sensei's divining top
1 expedition map
1 manifold key
1 mana vault
1 ancestral recall
1 gitaxian probe
4 riddlesmith
1 time walk
1 demonic tutor
1 time vault
1 merchant scroll
1 tinker
1 yawgmoth's will
4 PO
4 ovalchase daredevil
4 force of will
4 hollow one
1 treasure cruise
1 citadel
2 repeal

2 tabernacle
4 surgical extraction
fatal push
4 hurkyl's recall
mindbreak trap

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@desolutionist said in The Riddler:

With regards to this new Riddler, I'm assuming the title is again referencing the gameplay.

i think the 4 copies of Riddlesmith might have something to do with it
the decklist is on screen in the start of the video

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@protoaddict the card is better than black lotus, i'm pretty sure he's joking

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@protoaddict i think if you don't have mana floating you will always need a draw2 to both get into a pile and win that turn with it, while with mana floating a draw 1, even a sensei's top, suffices. that said, putting fathom seer in your deck is likely worse than putting a 2-3 mana tutor that finds gush from your deck for that role in almost all cases.

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this card is to radiant fountain as ancestral recall is to healing salve. if it was in standard, it would be the best card in standard, like mutavault was but so much more so. there will be a sizable number of times when someone plays a library of alexandria in vintage and it is a worse card than this is, (conditionally)drawing a card and making no mana before being wasted. existing lands that draw a card typically sacrifice themselves to do so or have a heavy activation cost. getting the card up front is absurd.

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@serracollector 2nd legacy deck i ever played was Pact Spanish Inquisition. postboard i cast a 12/12 shadow off a tomb of urami, then stared at my opponent for a few turns as they failed to draw a bolt but eventually drew a 2nd creature while my 2nd shadow was stranded in hand due to the land costing life.
also i think it's Infernal Contract, only "Nefarious" is the Lich, which is its own interesting combo deck

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@serracollector reanimate isn't just for shadow. in addition to the opponent's creatures, you can cycle street wraith and then reanimate it, getting to lose a full 5 life.

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my first thought on seeing the list is that 14 hits seems pretty low to be running Once Upon A Time. land grant is also probably worse than just playing fetchlands, as those let you lose more life. 4 mox diamond in a deck with only 6 lands+4 land grant is extremely questionable.

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they're real cards in the same sense that CE/IE are real cards. i'd expect events to at most put them in the same bin, and possibly worse as the front looks different.

the particular cards you mentioned:
wasteland is the kind of card you should just own, they're $20 a card for real ones, you're not saving as much on them as you are on City and they're much less niche. Fow also looks to be $20-30 for gold border copies, at which point for your set of proxies you could get one real one and play with 3 sharpie proxies.

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@desolutionist said in SMIP: 2020 B&R Roundup:

Not being able to use mana vs. being dead from damage is pretty similar.

given the choice between Null Rod and Ankh of Mishra for artifacts, which would you play? eidolon of the great revel is close to the latter, but we see a lot more collector ouphe then eidolon.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in Berserk Shadow:

4x phyrexian unlife/4x angel's grace? Both of those cards are naturally amazeballs vs tendrils decks, so you get a nice bonus there.

angel's grace is pretty bad against tendrils- the life loss still happens, they move to cleanup step and you die.

also generally using plunge or spoils of the vault in combination with grace requires that you be digging for the berserk effect, as you're all in on winning that turn and barring haste-giver need to have the shadow already in play.

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@serracollector it doesn't need cavern to be uncounterable, but if you are playing 5c humans your manabase has caverns and unclaimed territory that either are set to elf/shaman or set to human. setting one on elf to cast this and having that land function as a colorless source for the rest of the game is a big cost; to the best of my knowledge humans typically play 8 cavern/territory, power, and mana confluence as its initial mana sources, the only non-human creatures being spirit guides or revokers, the latter castable off off-type caverns. playing a fetch/dual/DRS manabase is certainly a good way to play magic but it's going to be a very different deck than 4/5C humans, which is the context in which i replied.

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@brass-man casting ephemerate off this trigger is pretty bad, as rebound only happens when you cast something from your hand

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@protoaddict said in Predictions for Jump/Start:

I imagine each deck would have to have at least 1 new card because people would get annoyed buying product that was all reprint garbage.

there are 37 new cards and 46 themes, so this will likely require some overlap with some new cards showing up in multiple decks.

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if cards from it have eternal relevance I would expect tribal cards of some kind; an elf or goblin that fits in somewhat with the existing legacy decks. aside from that, i'd say the usual warning signs that wotc can't got a set without ignoring are the thing to check: cards that mess with the basic mana system of the game(free spells, cost reduction, rituals), cards that generate substantial card advantage for 3 or less mana, cards that are good with such enablers(reanimate/tinker targets), and cards whose effect has no clear precedent and is therefore likely to have not been costed properly in design.

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i think courser is still just better with fastbond due to negating the damage if one wants this effect.

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@vaughnbros Smiting Helix. cauldron familiar, if you've got enough of them and enough food(this will matter in standard). gnaw to the bone. 3x firemane angel.
oh, and Uro. they really just didn't care what was in standard when they printed this card, did they?

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this card is triggered by creeping chill. likely much better in modern where the ability can be activated than here, but it is a 3/1 that comes back from the graveyard for 0 mana.

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@evouga said in Conspicuous Snoop:

You can win for RRR by stacking Snoop, Prospector, Kiki-Jiki, Fanatic.

you need a card in the stack between snoop and kiki to give snoop haste. this takes 1 more mana.

You could try using countermeasures like Xantid Swarm but the deck is starting to look very fun but very casual.

i would expect 4x cavern of souls.