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Premodern itself tends to favor impulse, accumulated knowledge, and FoF as it's draw engine.

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If you don't need the cantrip to resolve because your hand is fine then you can cantrip first but if you need the cantrip you want to duress first, if they misstep the cantrip the duress will resolve and excetera. Generally, I am interested in leading on the one need to resolve less.

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Does Daretti actually do anything particularly threatening if they choose not to counter it or are you relying on fear and confusion?

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I for one am fine with it and find it infrequent enough that it amuses rather than irritates me.

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Why does this keep happening?

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What matches he choose to mention seemed odd but that may have shaped by what he was able to watch. Overall very good article.

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@vaughnbros said in [CMR] Jeweled Lotus:


Accessibility is not the issue online. The decks aren’t that expensive online. Vintage isn’t fun enough, and it doesn’t sell enough product. Vintage Horizons solves both problems.

This is a very limited view scarcity still matters online a deck for vintage on MTGO is around 300$ witch is not a small price tag and printing more must haves is unlikely to abate that. If the set were in paper vintage would be unable to explode in popularity as a sanctioned format because RL. This set would not be able to fix all of the problems vintage has in paper and I am really not interested in having vintage be a different format online and in person. Now would a set like horizons be a shot in the arm of the format and possible help expand the appeal, if managed well yes but it is not a magic elixir that will solve all the format's issues.

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As for the topic at hand, a limited usage Lotus, does have some room to change the format measurably. This is limited usage lotus just like Eldrazi were limited use Ancient Tombs. These limited usage mana accelerators are fair because they restrict your card pool significantly. No one is out here campaigning for Eldrazi lands to get hit with a restriction because of the drawback on the cards. In similar fashion, a limited use Lotus may also be fair.

I don't think LED should actually be restricted. I think it was great design. Earlier in the game it caused issues due to the lack of cards to interact on turn 0. We have numerous such effects now, and I think its fairly safe to come off the list. I'm not sure it even fits into a single decklist at this point without major revision.

So in terms of printings more LEDs, more Lotus Petals, more Moxen, better Duals. These would all be great for the game, and bring back to fun of playing some new cards instead of automatically putting the same 20 or so mana sources into every deck.

The issue with this argument is not these cards would be bad for vintage, they if done well could be a tremendous boon for the format it's they would tear every other format they passed through to pieces on the way to us. In conclusion vaughnbros wants vintage horizons and honestly if WOTC got it's shit together a bit more on the play design side that would probably be really cool.

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In addition to impacting diversity over time, the lack of power creep for mana bases causes issues from a balancing perspective. Low and no mana cost cards will continue to dictate specific constructs within those decks. Every decent printing at 1 or less for Blue, 0 for Bazaar, and 4 or less for Workshops will instantly broken every time. Our restricted list has cards that aren't even playable in other formats because of this phenomenon.

Unlike the rest of the post this paragraph is actually really interesting and insightful and could form the basis for an argument that vintage would benefit from more broken lands.

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I get that people like Onslaught Fetch lands, but that was not even the first printing of the mechanic. Mirage block had fetch lands. I don't recall Mirage fetches being played really at all. So, while the power level was obviously raised on the Onslaught fetches, they weren't some original or novel concept that was added to the game. Fetches by themselves, are pretty much inferior to dual lands since they damage you and without the existence of duals could only pick 1 color type. So they are not independently powerful, or original.

They printed a card that was not as good and then later they printed a much stronger version witch now reigns supreme in basically every format. This is a sentence frame that could be used to define power creep, and the they dont power creep lands guy is saying it about lands. This is highly confusing.

You can claim they should power creep lands more I disagree, but I care about other formats and I am not ready to argue doing so would be bad for vintage, just for literally every other format except maybe pauper depending on rarity.

You can say they don't power creep nanland mana sources. This is true.

But no reasonable person can claim they don't power creep lands, unless the baseline for lands is bazaar and kind of workshop but academy exists so even claiming workshop has not been crept is tricky. I personally do not think these cards should be used as baselines any more than ancestral should be used as the baseline for blue spells but that is an opinion.