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"One key to the continued health of Magic is diversity. It is vitally important to ensure that there are multiple competitive decks for the tournament player to choose from."

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@macdeath said in [MH1] Echo of Eons:

Why would you want to play this card over the plethora of alternatives that are all more broken and more practical?
What does this card enable that you couldn't do before that is better than what the current combo decks are doing?
I have a hard time buying that you end up ahead vs a control deck by putting 6 mana into this card (which can be pyroblasted or flusterstormed) to get it countered and recasting it on the following turn. Or even that this is a frequent enough occurrence to be reliable.

I tried to cover that but allow me to expand on the point more. Cards that have abilities from graveyards or from being discarded turn a negative into a positive and have the potential for considerable abuse. The Dredge mechanic, Hogaak, Arclight Phoenix, Vengevine, Cabal Therapy... there are so many examples from Vintage and other formats, past and present. It is the same quality that makes Echo contextually better than Timetwister and every other Draw 7.

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Yeah, Looting is going deeper than I would go and setting yourself up to lose to such cards. I don’t think I’ve lost to Leyline yet. You either bounce it with Teferi or chain or just discard your Echoes while the opponent is down a card. Interesting approach though.

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Has anyone played with this card since it’s release?

I have found it to be quite powerful. The thing that gets lost is that casting a card from your graveyard is essentially card advantage depending on how you got it there. This allows you to win battles of attrition against other Blue decks and provides a significant advantage over Wheel, Windfall, etc. You can also hardcast and the card will remain in you graveyard to flashback, which is a not infrequent scenario that has felt positively absurd when it occurs.

As far as breaking the symmetry, their are many ways, such as Lavinia, Grid, Narset, Teferi, Notion Thief. Enablers include Dack, Intuition, JVP, Entomb, Tutors + LED, but my current favorite is Riddlesmith by a considerable margin. I will be playing a Riddlesmith Combo deck at the NYSE and look forward to describing the deck’s interactions and intricacies but simply imagine the number of artifacts a storm deck casts after resolving a draw 7. Then add more draw 7’s and you reach a point where you are literally (and yes, actual literally) drawing over a hundred cards in your combo turn before casting multiple time walks and maybe a Mentor. It’s pretty glorious.

I don’t believe I have found an optimal build but I do think after the initial hype that this card has fallen by the wayside. Is that the case?