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Yeah that's of course true, most events have allowed proxies, but EW this year is firmly schedulded. So I think it isn't a good idea to build into a deck like Oaht, Paradoxical, DP Storm or other decks that clearly need all power and can't doing well without it.

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With 3 Tabernacle and 2 Bazaars these Staxx list is out of my budget too.

With Eldrazi do you mean the unpowered White Eldrazi list called "Jacodrazi"? I saw a few lists, but full powered, is the powerless variant with 4 Null Rod still a thing?

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Thank you really much for your helpful answer Brass Man. Now I have a lot of ideas for starting brewing, which is really hard, when you just new in a format. But I'll try. My gut tells me that I should try one of the first options first. Going full aggro or more prison style. Today I talked with an Workshop player at my Lgs and he thoughted about it, but didn't found a good build so far. Considering that maybe I should start on one of your other suggested points. But generally he would pick up a different deck...

I also thoughted of trading my Shops into first pieces of Power and try Grixis Xerox or Mentor. I have nearly all the cards for them in my binder, besides Power, so maybe that's just the better decision for getting into Vintage. I would be also fine with that.
But I am not totaly sure so far and I see, if I could bring a mox less list to work. I played a couple of matches today with Opal as a replacement and it was just awful 😞

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I started with Vintage two weeks ago on mtgo and really enjoyed the format and the matches. For me personally it's the best format next to legacy and now I am seriously thinking about putting a deck togheter for paper games, which is by far the better form of enjoying Mtg. Just to mention that 😉

Fortunately I allready own 3 Mishra`s Workshop and a few other pieces for Mud and I consider to buy a fourth. But saddly I am not in such a financial position to buy the five Moxen and a Lotus. My question now is, if Mox Opal, Lotus Petal and maybe stuff like Grim Monolith, City of Traitors or Metalworker are acceptable replacements for the real Power in Workshop Aggro? I know that this replacements aren't as good as the originals, but when the deck still functions well with it and has a real game against the other Vintage decks, I would go for it. Otherwise just be honest and stop me from making a bad investment, even 1 Workshop is a load of money for me.

I know that most tournaments allow proxies, but I plan on going to Eternal weekend and one or two other sanctioned tournaments, too. So at least I need a deck without proxies.