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Best mox since Mox Amber!

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Yeah I think it's pretty clear that the thought process was "People are asking for Force of Will in Modern but we don't want to print Force of Will in Modern, so how can we make a fixed version?" followed by "It would be cool if we made a cycle of pitch cards to go with this one." You only have to look at the names to see that the blue one led the way.

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If you set X=20 or something ridiculous like that it might be worthwhile, but only because it makes progress towards a mill victory. If you only want to consider the value of exiling the cards (like if you imagined that there was no possibility of removing their whole deck for whatever reason), I'm not sure any value of X is better than any other value.

@protoaddict said in Threshold for non game winning Mill:

Let's say in my example X =20 and your opponent has 40 cards left in their deck. They have one wincon in the deck (again, for simplicity sake).

I think the thing with this example is that there are better cards if your opponent truly has one win condition in their deck. One mana to have a 50/50 chance of winning on the spot seems great, but for two mana you could play Seek and have a 100% chance. That along with Sadistic Sacrament (which hits their backups too, if they have them) are pretty fringe cards because they're very narrow as it is, but they do destroy a deck that doesn't have a way to win without a crucial one-of. So if we're considering random mill, I think we have to consider what it does or doesn't do against "normal" decks that have a bunch of threats, because if you're targeting the decks that fall apart without one card you probably wouldn't choose to play Super Tomb Scour anyway.

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@fsecco I like the idea of Silence + Fog. That would be useful broadly enough to give it some applications at least, even if it would still be probably the weakest of the cycle.

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@fsecco Yeah I really don't get this, I assumed this cycle was going to be all bangers, but white still gets a clanger.

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@fsecco said in [MH1] Avultar:

Whenever you change P/T of a creature it always retains the buffs. You just change the base power and toughness.

I'll defer to what I assume is your superior rules knowledge... I assumed this was a complicated layering thing but I probably was overthinking it.

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@protoaddict 6/4 is the ultimate power/toughness anyway so you still come out ahead. 😉

No, that's a relevant point though. I think that infect in Vintage has been a very fast goldfish that's very easy to poke holes in, and this card makes the goldfish faster and/or easier to assemble but no less hole-pokeable.

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@protoaddict It doesn't remove abilities, but I think it does overwrite preexisting power/toughness buffs. No big deal though, just play this one first and you're good.

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Avultar G

Sorcery - Uncommon

Until end of turn, target creature you control becomes a Wurm with base power and toughness 6/4.

Overload 4GG

They should have sent a poet. I don't know if this is going to make it in vintage, probably not, but I do know that a) this callback is ideal, b) I'm going to make a bad infect deck with it, and c) I really hope the English name is Crawify.

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Only hitting sorceries is so annoying because this misses all the good draw spells. Although it is one more way to try to make Ancestral Vision work.

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I am pretty surprised that they're dangling this out their with 6/10 of the full cycle printed, but that aside this is very cool.

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0_1558444084871_force of despair.jpg

If it’s not your turn, you may exile a black card from your hand rather than pay this spell’s mana cost. Destroy all creatures that entered the battlefield this turn.

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@bactgudz said in [MH1] Force of Negation:

Worst card name ever

We just had a creature called "Massacre Girl."

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@protoaddict Ha, I was wondering what the Pact of Negation reference was about and that didn't even occur to me! They should have called it Force of Anticombo.

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@chubbyrain I think it's easy to miss how good a draw engine she is because the Leovold ability is such an attention-grabber. But once you posted the Dig comparison here it clicked for me. It's a little less good than that and has a different play pattern obviously, but Impulse with rebound is really strong at 1UU.

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@fsecco @NBA84 I was just thinking that I would probably like PWs more overall if they'd been designed like this from the beginning.

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I've been using this as a four-of in its own shell with rituals, shops, Aetherflux Reservoir, tutors, some other artifact stuff, etc. I have yet to lose a game after resolving a Citadel. This card is absurd. Bargain doesn't even feel like the right point of comparison... this is like if Mind's Desire didn't even need a storm count and let you play as many cards as you want. It's an upgrade over Bargain the way Time Walk is an upgrade over Explore.

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Yeah, she is great. I think almost every time I've resolved her so far my opponent has conceded shortly after.

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I don't think there's really a problem. Wizards put out a more-lenient-than-assumed policy on proxies a few years ago, and basically they don't care if it's not for sale and not intended to pass as a real card.

(Plus it's just way too cool to beef with.)

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Very good as always, and also a handy reference of the stuff I need to check prices on this morning.