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@evouga said in [M19] Tezzeret, Artifice Master:

I'm extremely hard-pressed to think of any situation where I'd rather draw two cards than win the game.

You might be in the minority of Vintage players.

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Restricting Mishra's Workshop puts the current artifact decks in the realm of Goblins and Enchantress. The only reason one would argue for this restriction is if they want to nuke the archetype from orbit.

If the decks are making up this portion of the metagame, where are the delvers? Or ancient grudges? Where the hell did Dack Fayden go? Letting shops win events because it is disrespected is not a problem inherent to the format, but the players.

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Chalice isn't around anymore to derp you out of your moxen. Lodestone Golem has retired from the days of bashing your face in before you can play some land. Want to beat shops? Add more mana to your deck and start cutting some of the dead maindeck cards. Oh, and this same thing will help your Eldrazi matchup, too.

You can't be first in the blue mage arms race and expect to have a good matchup against decks built to punish your greed.

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@pugsuperstar said in First league 5-0 lists:

It is automated, not done by a human.

To be fair, interns aren't real people.

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Someone mentioned that part of being a community is hearing things you don't like. I tend to agree.

I'd imagine severe issues are within the realm of moderation.

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@13nova said in Vintage Challenge - 8/19/17:

Workshop win percentage against the field? ~60%

Yup. "Healthy"

Mentor had essentially the same win percentage. Paradox had an even greater one.

@13nova said in Vintage Challenge - 8/19/17:

Workshop percentage in top 8: 50%
Workshop percentage in top 4: 75%

Oh that is troubling. I wonder what won it? Hey look, a deck running 27 mana sources and ZERO dead maindeck cards against Shops.

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@bobbyvictory Thorn of Amethyst and Monastery Mentor were restricted less than two months ago. Blue decks haven't even had a chance to get their feet under them yet, and, as @JACO has pointed out, were grossly misbuilt for this Champs. Vintage is a format about slow changes and I know there is a large segment of the population that is sick of huge changes looming.

Not every metagame problem should be solved with a restriction. Perhaps people simply need more time to figure out how to beat the robot menace, like has happened for years.

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You can't currently build a deck that beats more than 3/4 of the top decks. This is healthy and normal.

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This post articulates perfectly the defense of Mishra that I have been struggling to express over the last two weeks. Thanks for your insight, Rich.

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@Smmenen said in Turbo Xerox and Monastery Mentor:

Shops are just much more powerful, flexible and adaptable than they have ever been.

This is objectively false. Modern Shop decks are no where near the power level of the 4x LSG, 4x Chalice decks. I can respect an argument that the archetype could be too strong right now but let's not get carried away with hyperbole: we are no longer in the era of "oops I'm dead before I can play spells".

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@qq said in North American Eternal Weekend 2017 Metagame Breakdown:

Shops simply has the best set of cards among the different archetypes trying to play standard Magic.

Have ... have you seen the restricted list? The best cards on there are blue and they're in all blue decks. Shops having the best unrestricted card is an arguable point. Perhaps even Shops having the best unrestricted cards, multiple, could be argued. There's no reason for hyperbole, though.

I think @Oestrus has an amazing point and I would hate to see it dismissed for silly reasons. Dredge and Shops have both been the traditional Vintage fun police, they both have traditionally been "run enough/draw enough sideboard cards and you win" matchups, and both have been proven to have staying power. Why is there such a disparity in attitude between them?

I wonder how much of the "blowout effect" @POXEVERYTURN mentions factors into this. Do blue players not understand the shops matchup? Are they overestimating their preparedness for it due to winning long, grindy, unfavored matches against mediocre opponents? Or is the deck really the purported steamroller everyone is posting about? I am not sure, but it seemed like most of my blue opponents at champs were woefully unprepared. It went as far as one opponent showing me his sideboarding plan and telling me point blank "I netdecked this list and have no idea how it's supposed to beat you with all of these dead cards".

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@chase_dagger Tokens aren't cards.

Also, this card seems a lot worse when you realize it is a "one or more" trigger. Alas, no army of bats from a Tormod's Crypt activation.

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RIP shop prison forever.

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There is no data to support this restriction, either in % of the total field or top8/16 numbers. This decision is offensive, reckless, and, I'm truly fearing, devastating to the current vintage landscape.

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Another colorless, permanent-based way to end Revoker/Kataki/welder/delver/etc. is always welcome. That being said, this is more of a "I'm glad this option exists" instead of a "wow I need to slot this in somewhere".

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@Khahan said in April 24th, 2017 Banned and Restricted update: GUSH AND PROBE/TOP in Legacy:

Can we please stop spouting this nonsense that the way to beat shops is having more lands in your deck? Its just not true. Its been said on these boards in the past and its been shot down on these boards in the past.

And this is why mana denial decks will keep winning.