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@joshuabrooks said in Jeweled Lotus on Ebay for $100,000 and $88,000. Please spread this as a scam before someone gets hurt.:

I hate to say it, but I kind of feel like if you are spending $100,000 on something without even the most basic understanding of it.....well you kinda deserve it.

@joshuabrooks I agree with you that people have to learn lessons. Maybe learning a lesson by losing $100,000 is a bit much? What bothers me most though is that the scammer would win with $100,000 in their pocket. What kind of lesson does the scammer learn? They would learn that they can get rich easily by taking advantage of people. Then other bad people will see what the scammer has done and then you have more people doing scams. And then it cascades from there, repeating this same process over and over, creating thousands of scams. Lets stop it now while we still can.

Update: Ebay vendor "dozal" is now listed five Jeweled Lotus' at an outrageous price linked below:

$100,000 $90,000 $88,000 $88,000 $88,000

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@john-cox said in Jeweled Lotus on Ebay for $100,000 and $88,000. Please spread this as a scam before someone gets hurt.:

I looked at the listings. They both are worded similarly and sound humorous to me. Not like a serious listing.

I think selling Jeweled Lotus’ at this price is a joke too in a sense that it is so ridiculous it is funny but I think the seller “dozal” is serious. Here are some reasons why I think it is not a joke:

  1. ebay is not a platform for telling/sharing jokes on the internet. Social media platforms are used such as Facebook, Twitter, tiktok, youtube etc. Also when people tell a joke, they want to hear/read other people’s reaction to them. I don’t know how someone gets feedback from other people about their joke on ebay.

  2. The seller “dozal” is spending money to sell their items. I don’t see why someone would want to spend money to tell such a bad joke when they can do it for free.

  3. The seller “dozal” is now selling four Jeweled Lotus’ at $100,000, one at $88,000, another second at $88,000 and a third at $88,000. When describing the four items they are selling, “dozal” uses three descriptions that are almost the same and one of the descriptions is used twice, word for word. I don’t see what someone would tell the same joke four times, accept for when one of my nieces/nephews were four and when they told a joke, everyone laughed. And when my niece/nephew found they had a positive reaction to their joke they would tell it again and then someone would say it is only funny once. My four year old niece/nephew would not go on telling the same joke a third and fourth time. I don’t think the seller “dozal” four and thinks it is funny telling the same joke four times.

  4. The seller “dozal” is listed as a top-rated-seller, with 1959 completed transactions and a 99.7% positive feedback rating. I don’t think people would want to use their business to tell jokes when it can hurt their source of income. You know that money stuff people need to buy food and shelter for survival.

I think this is a serious situation. There are right now, at every second, millions of bad people are thinking of ways to scam decent people out of their money. It is easy money for people who do not care and laugh at people when they are taken advantage of.

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@john-cox said in Jeweled Lotus on Ebay for $100,000 and $88,000. Please spread this as a scam before someone gets hurt.:

I think this is supposed to be a joke/meme.

I think the seller is serious about trying to sell these Jeweled Lotus'.

In their comments in ebay the seller "dozal" is arguing that Jeweled Lotus is rare like Black Lotus so you should pay the Seller Black Lotus Prices for the Jeweled Lotus. Also in the Seller's comments they are clearly stating conditions that when sold, they will make it hard for you to get your money back. The following is a cut & paste from "dozal" post:

Magic the Gathering: Commander Legends 2020
NO PSA / NO BGS grades guarantees or estimates will be given
will ship using Signature mail and I'll only mail in a Box with a top loader and sleeve...
What you see in the Listing is exactly what you'll receive
This exact card was pulled by myself...from a 15 card draft booster pack on 1/16/2021...
I purchased 2 x 20 card draft Booster packs and I got this card as of 2 hours within making this listing
People are opening 2 x Collectors boxes and 2 x Draft Booster Boxes and not finding These cards...
CRAZY!!! Theres literally 1993 numbers of lotus' on the market
I even put holographic tape on this... its official now LOL

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Ebay $100,000 Jeweled Lotus

Ebay $88,000 Jeweled Lotus

You know the price difference between Black Lotus and Jeweled Lotus. An unlimited Black Lotus is on Starcitygames for $18,000. A foil Jeweled Lotus is on Starcitygames for $100. This seller on ebay "dozal" is asking $100,000 and $88,000 for a Jeweled Lotus. You know the difference but someone else may not. Please spread this scam before someone gets hurt.

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If this helps, Joe Dyer included All Spells! in his recent Vintage 101.

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Adding Saheeli, Sublime Artificer to "The Riddler"


I believe "The Riddler" can benefit from adding one to two copies of Seheeli, Sublime Artificer for the following reasons:

  1. After playing the deck, I found that the deck did not have a sufficient amount of creatures required to win the game in the vintage format when paired up with other agro decks. I looked at similar decks that do well with casting numerous spells in a turn and I found that Monastery Mentor worked well with Paradoxical Outcome decks as a win condition of overwhelming an opponent with Monk tokens. Though having Monastery Mentor in this deck would look good, I feel that the deck would not consistently produce enough white mana needed to cast Mentor even if additional white sources were added. Also splashing in white mana for just Mentor may not be a good idea. Adding Seheeli, Sublime Artificer to the deck would not take any alterations of mana sources. After testing this deck with Seheeli in it, I found that I had generated sufficient Servo tokens to win games against agro-heavy vintage decks.

  2. Saheeli, Sublime Artificer's activated ability in combination with Time Vault is of great advantage. You can turn another artifact you control into an untapped copy of Time Vault and gain an extra turn with it. You can do this twice with a new Saheeli and you can even gain more than two additional turns by bouncing Saheeli with Paradoxical Outcome and replaying her. A couple of extra turns should be enough to win the game with this deck.

  3. Saheeli, Sublime Artificer's activated and triggered ability in combination with Bolas's Citadel is an alternative win condition. Saheeli can generate a large amount of Servo tokens in this deck that can be sacrificed to Bolas's Citadel to make the opponent loose ten life. To make the opponent loose an additional ten life to win the game, use Saheeli's activated ability to copy Bolas's Citadel and use it's activated ability. There usually is enough leftover Servo tokens and other permanents available to sacrifice to the Citadel copy.

  4. Saheeli, Sublime Artificer can be exiled to Force of will if you choose to do so.

  5. Saheeli, Sublime Artificer can also be used to copy Hollow One on something like a Mox if needed or copy Blightsteel Colossus.

I believe that only one or two copies of Saheeli are needed since the deck has a massive amount of card draw.

Any feedback is welcome.

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alt text alt text

Can you play use Jegantha, the Wellspring as a companion in a deck that contains an Aladdin's Lamp from the Arabian Nights Set considering the double 5?

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@rat3de said in Workshop Aggro:

Not to mention the fact that it is just not a good creature for Shops decks...

Umori is always in your hand as kind of a free creature that is always available to cast. Aggro Shops always could use another creature with a decent power / Toughness that can also reduce the cost to play artifacts, very useful when you are trying to overcome Sphere taxing effects. It just takes the room of one sideboard slot.

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@blindtherapy said in Workshop Aggro:

@daniel-worobec yes, but if you board in any of those cards this will not function as a companion in those games.

On game one before you sideboard it is useful and useful if you still have all artifacts in game 2 and 3.

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@blindtherapy said in Workshop Aggro:

@daniel-worobec umori conflicts with dismember. it also conflicts with boarding in leyline, but i think that's about it.

According to the link here:

"Your companion's deckbuilding rule applies only to your starting deck, which is the deck you begin play with each game. It won't consider any cards in your sideboard, so those cards don't have to follow the deck-building rule."

So you can put whatever you want in your sideboard and not have it the Companion requirements limit your sideboard.