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This would only be dangerous to people investing in new magic product, which doesn't seem like a worthwhile endeavor for them to be doing anyways.

I think it's a cool idea, and a nice easy way for them to print things like fetch lands without having them in standard or other limited sets. If there were a box set of the 5 enemy fetches for $119.99, for example, i'm sure people would pick them up without destroying the market price on all existing copies.

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I'm sure most of you are aware, but Modern Horizons has "art cards" which are essentially just full art cards with a blank back for artists to doodle on. I see some noise already that people are going to use these as proxys for the high-dollar cards for playtesting purposes or in casual games for the more expensive cards. Wizards could easily do this for Vintage cards and sell as "art" cards.

I still think at the end of the day, players want a supported format, and a healthy format (however that is defined by the masses), so not sure having more proxies will grow the player base.

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The best way to do it is look at your collection, come up with a number ($15K?$20K?), and then just stick to your guns until you get what you are happy with. Expecting to price individually and not get offers at only 50 to 60% of it will be tough, especially since the Old School market has cooled down and most likely wont pick up again until March/April/Tax Season in the US. I can quickly flip through my "brag book" and quote a number that I'd part with the cards for; it's all just cardboard anyways right? 🙂

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Disregard my directional question, I saw you just said North of Pgh. We typically play at Legions in the North Hills if you ever want to jam some vintage. Just give us a couple weeks to make sure the vintage guys are there.

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@popedeuce37 which part of Pittsburgh are you generally from? i.e North, South, East, West? Me and a buddy have fully powered Vintage but we don't bring it out as we are typically playing old school or legacy most FNMs. I talked to Ron (Mr. Nice Guy) at EW as well, and he said if we could guarantee the 8 players more often, he'd consider doing Vintage at least quarterly again. I haven't had a chance to talk to him since then but plan on stopping out soon. He is strictly sanctioned but I wouldn't mind doing proxy stuff somewhere else if needed.

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No changes, and no commentary on thought process this time around.

Next announcement will be October 1st, 2018.

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Welcome @Vintage1993 , what part of the world are you from?