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@gutocmtt Yea, you're right. I wanted one more Stony main because of the prevelance of PO on MTGO and I anxiously cut something without thinking too much about it. I'd def jam the Chewie next time.

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@gutocmtt I trophied with your list yesterday. Runs great. Beat Dredge x2, Shops, Gush Mentor (I think? Games were short), and a Matt Murray Bazaar/Hollow One/Gurmag brew with blue cards, which were some amazingly fun/bizarre games. I made one small change, I think I played one more Stony Silence in the MB over Ingot, not sure if that's right, but the deck ran pretty perfectly most every game.

Gosh, do I have to buy Bazaars in paper now?? Ughhhhhh..

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What about a Sensei's Top based UWB control deck? Moat with Mystical/Vamp + terminus and entreat...

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These are awesome man. More!

My most cherished thing I own is my old-frame cube (Alpha to Scourge). There have been times that I've wanted to re-template/re-design some choice modern cards to slot in from time to time to shake things up.

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@tribet I've been playing CB a lot in Bargain Storm in various paper tournaments recently. It's been really good. I've found I like 2x CB and 2-3x Duress in the mainboard.

Also, I can't bring myself to cut Chrome Mox because sometimes you just need that extra black source when going off with Bargain, if you've already used your land drop. I still play LED too, but could be convinced to cut it.

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Throwing this out there, I think Mentor is the card I'd restrict. Would open up so much more diversity in blue based decks IMO. Its by far the best creature ever printed in vintage and its incredible hard to deal with. Would love to hold on to probe and gush for other types of decks.

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I dunno, two card combo in Standard entices me more to want to play it. Standard MTG hasn't been fun since new borders. Usually ugly boring cards with CGI art. Cheers R&D.

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I honestly think this guy was just a lucky doofus. But maybe thats just me. I usually find that cheaters are usually better players.

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Is Reid's list posted anywhere?

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@beder Looks interesting! What's the sideboard plan?