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Congrats on the top 8. How much trouble was it casting vigor with a green count of 11?

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Sure the wishes have been around. Karn though is a permanent that grabs 2 cards with little effort and then sticks around to possibly grab more. All while being a one sided null rod. Its especially brutal when he comes down on T1 which from my experience happens pretty often. I'm sure things will adjust I'm just not sure it will be a positive adjustment in terms of diversity. Sorry should have elaborated more earlier.

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Lattice is just a possible lock combo. My issue with karn is that it allows one player to play all 3 games with their sideboard.

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Hello everyone, I am sharing an upcoming Eternal Weekend Vintage Trial in the Pittsburgh area. I am not an employee of the store, but trying to get the word out to the community so everyone has enough time to plan if you are able to make it. They will be providing a tiered prize structure based on attendance (see below) so hopefully we can get a big turnout. Let me know who is interested to gauge attendance.

Where: Mr. Nice Guy Games in Monroeville, Pa
Date: 8/17/19
Start Time: Noon
Registration: 11am - 12 pm
Entry Fee: $30
Format: Vintage

First place will receive a one round bye in the 2019 North America Vintage Championship, a delicious cookie cake, Facebook Fame, and an invitation to the 2020 Mr. Nice Guy Games World Championship! Details about the Mr. Nice Guy Games World Championship and how to qualify can be found here:

Prize Payout (Store Credit):
*Store Credit may not be redeemed for tournament entry.

25 players or more: Minimum $1000 IN PRIZES!!!
1st - $200
2nd - $150
3rd/4th - $125
5th-8th - $100
*Prizes will be increased at more than 48 players

17 - 24 Players: $750 in Prizes
1st - $200
2nd - $150
3rd/4th - $100
5th-8th - $50

8 - 16 Players: $500 in Prizes
1st - $200
2nd - $150
3rd/4th - $75

Full details on facebook:

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@aelien how have you been doing with this list. I ran it through quite a few leagues to mainly 3-2 or 2-3 finishes. I did run crypts over leyline. The deck just seems underpowered in the current meta and I've since switched back over to PO. I'm curious to get you take on it. Thanks.

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I would make some adjustments to the mana base. Even with lavinia sea is your most important dual so I would up it to 3 seas and drop to one tundra and one scrub. Early sea gives you duress, rit, recall, + cantrips and it will feel bad getting your only copy striped/wasted. Also would move karakas to the board and add basic swamp. Also I didnt see necro in the deck. I would definetly add as there will be times where it's your best route to win thru dark petition.

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I'm going to give this list a shot. I'm currently playing a similar main (+1 LED, -1 thoughtseize, -1 chain, +1 grid, +1 preordain, +1 DP, - MD, - TW), but a fairly different board. I've found walk to be worse than preordain in most cases when only running Tendrils as a win con. Do have it in primarily due to tinker-bot in the board? How's your consistency with MDs? I found it sometimes hard to cast and other times you could just win anyways with another DP, but maybe i need to reevaluate. Also curious about the leylines. Looks like they're only coming in against dredge. I've had success with crypt here as usually crypting them when their first GY triggers hit the stack is enough time to go off and it helps bolster the storm count. Looking forward to getting your thoughts and trying this out!

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@aelien thoughts on pyroclasm as a viable option. Also hits yp, mentor (wo backup), tokens, thalia, shops early.

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@smmenen I also agree here. As someone who just started playing vintage again recently after a long hiatus the format seems great. I'm not sure I would have picked it back up if there were only 2 or 3 viable decks. To speak to the diversity, in 10 rounds at EW I played against 8 different decks and it was a blast!

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@popedeuce37 they didnt have anything setup on a recurring basis. The one in oct was prep before EW. There was interest in doing something more regular thou. I'll be checking back after the holidays and if they get something scheduled I can let u know.