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@geekyjackson said in Vintage @Youtube & @Twitch:

Gonna try out streaming @geekyjackson, can't wait to see how badly it goes.

In retrospect it seems to have turned out quite well!

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I am playing Oath because Oath is still good and is perpetually underrated, and because I just don't know how to quit Griselbrand.

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@nedleeds said in Eternal Extravaganza 7 Results:

I vote for the dude oathing and flipping over 2 Demonic Tutors #oathishard

The best part is they said he had 2 Demonic Tutors written on his decklist too, so at least he's consistent.

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Does Brian Kelly own the original art for Dragonlord Dromoka? If not, can we start a GoFundMe to get it for him? The guy deserves a lifetime achievement award in the field of playing Dragonlord Dromoka in Vintage I think.

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This is an individual who has clearly not accepted Griselbrand as their lord and savior... The salt is real out there folks!

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@xxhazardxx Dredge is also a hell of a lot stronger than Vintage reanimator would be. Even if you could hypothetically build a reanimator deck that was equal in power to Oath (which I don't think could be done, Oath is just more compact), I would argue that it would be more challenging for such a deck to slog through all the graveyard hate than it is for Oath to slog through Cage and Priest.

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@brass-man I'd still file for reimbursement from WotC just in case. You never know if MTGO is to blame for your computer eating itself.