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Define critical mass? I think there are exactly two that are better or don't also put large (larger?) constraints on your deck than this. Outcome would be the obvious other, but there is a lot of hate for outcome in the format at the moment (karn, ouphe, narset), only some of which similarly affects this card.

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Flashback only works if it is granted flashback after the jailer came onto the battlefield, cabal therapy doesn't work with jailer on the field. But casting recoup on one after jailer is in play, would let you flash it back for B.

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Why would jvp not function through yixlid jailer?

  1. jailer doesn't stop you from interacting with cards in your graveyard.
  2. Even if jvp said, "target instant or sorcery in your graveyard gains flashback for it's mana cost" it would still work because of time stamps (think about humility vs mishra's factory).

Jailer never stopped will either. If that helps at all. Basically Jailer is very good against dredge and cards that have flashback or trigger from the yard, and bad against basically every other graveyard interaction (reanimation, snapcaster, jvp, will).

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@smmenen said in Pitch Dredge:

I got the first Competitive Vintage League Trophy of the July 2-Sept 24th season with Pitch Dredge.

My MVP? 4 Leyline of Sanctity. I beat opponents who had literally 4 Rav Traps in hand tonight, and another player who literally played 4 Tormod's Crypts over the course of one game.

One more reason as always against dredge to be on diverse answers. I played W Karndrazi splash black for jailer and cage out of the board with containment priest main to battle the menace. I think i want to be on creature-based hate atm against you? Though i do like the sickening shoal tech.

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Yeah we were having a conversation recently about whether or not BUG is just a worse version of Survival (or certain builds of survival), it certainly seems that way to me. What does playing BUG get you that you can't get with survival?

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@fsecco That makes plenty of sense why not to buy power, but not why not to encourage proxy vintage.

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@fsecco said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

Turning to proxies is not something most people tend to accept because they know they'll never own those cards and that's a dealbreaker. In Legacy people use proxies because they're testing stuff and WILL get those cards later, one day. Vintage is impossible.

So, when i started playing vintage i definitely wouldn't have started without proxies, but I also assumed i would never own the cards. Turned out I was wrong, i eventually got some power, and then i sold it for life reasons, but still get to play because of proxies.

I am surprised that the "I might really own this" is the divider between wanting to use proxies or not, since that wasn't my experience. Can you get a little more into that mindset?

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Great and super interesting cast !

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@protoaddict said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

The whole format is elitist, it is the nature of the beast and one of its features, not a bug. Most eternal formats in most games are. If you want accessibility limited is a lot more open.

Why is it a feature?

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Man this card would have been great when mentor was a 4 of, it is the one card answer that deals with everything that sulfur elemental almost was.