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This is the same reason a computer compiler can't tell you if your program is going to fall into an infinite loop perfectly.

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@theactualsaturn I think the fact that it is asymmetrical null rod and locks out decks 1 turn after is notable, in comparison to traditional null rod adoption. This card is very good.

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Tainted pact doesn't remove your library without some heavy deck-building constraints right?

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Instead of running leveler and lab man, why not leverage the fact that that this card is playable when you don't have any combo cards with it, and just throw in a demonic consultation for the "oops i win" factor, with a couple other black tutors, since they are good anyway also.

Also maybe run some snapcasters, so then you can dcon > jace, then snapcaster > dcon the next turn for the win?

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Aren't people already playing some number of top in PO. Aren't a lot of PO decks running tinker? Why wouldn't i just add this into my PO deck as another way to draw 6+ cards?

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Sulfur elemental was a mainstay in 4 mentor land, but anymore, i don't know if it is worth the slot, can you talk more about wanting that as a sideboard card?

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@brianpk80 said in Quality of Experience - An Alternate Take on B&R:

Bazaar of Baghdad is the problem, and would be easily restrictable if not for its iconic status implied by the Forsythe tweet, it would be removable. Since it isn't, all we have left are mitigating measures.

I think this is the part people have an issue with. I just don't buy that bazaar is "easily restrictable". By the numbers bazaar decks just aren't good enough to support the claim that they need a restriction. The basis of the OP is that results aren't everything, which I can grant you. However, if the main other factor is fun had by the people playing, it hard to get objective or far-reaching about that.

Your fun and my fun are different. I don't believe there is a consensus about bazaar and fun. There is no massive outcry about non-matches as there was with Trinisphere (which by the way exceeded dredge in metagame percentage at the time of the "no fun" restriction). There is no time constraint, like there has been with Top in multiple formats. So what is the basis, the only thing that it appears you can be arguing for is your fun is impacted. I think it is perfectly valid to say that, but I also believe that is not a sufficient argument to get a card banned.

I also think more cards from shops would be banned now because for many people (dare I say more than dislike dredge) playing against artifact prison pieces is their least favorite thing in magic, but I hope that doesn't happen. Side note: The thing i have actually heard most in playing magic for 20+ years is "counterspells aren't fun", I hope the people that control the B&R list for vintage don't get wind of that.

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Consider mystic remora, that card does work in any blue matchup especially as the combo player. Turning all their counters into pseudo arcane denials has to put you ahead in the long run.

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@fsecco Spirit guide+Oath is not a combo.

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The splashes are pretty cheap because you are running at least 4 5 color lands for sure.