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@stuart sorry I suck at responding. Yes- that was me! If you’re friends with the guy I beat round one on PO and got salty about losing to the green machine!! But my list was:

4 delver
4 goyf
2 young pyro
1 snapcaster
4 fow
4 misstep
1 fluster
1 daze
4 preordain
1 brainstorm
1 ponder
1 recall
1 cruise
1 dig
1 time walk
4 bolt
2 grudge
1 gush
1 probe
4 strand
3 scalding
3 volc
3 trop
2 waste
1 island
1 strip
1 lotus
1 sapphire
1 ruby
1 emerald

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@stuart I played RUG delver to 6-0 in vintage side events at EW and then a top 4 in an event the week after. It’s not dead at all. The problem is no one wants to break outside of comfort zone. Why play a 1/1 when you can draw half your deck with PO turn one lol. I enjoy delver a lot in vintage and I think it’s a good choice for sure.

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I actually don’t live too far from the Wilkes area!

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Hello! My name is Warren and my mtgo name is Admiralackbarr6.

I just bought in yesterday and I have jeskai Sphinx control list that I’m trying to work out the tweaks on. I’ll be building oath soon as well.

I’d love to brew some ideas and play as much as possible!

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Anyone have any updates on playing this deck? Looks awesome as I loved playing miracles in legacy.

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One of the closest lists I could find was this:

So do you think balance is pretty unplayable? Or do you think there are going to be certain times it’s great? Or is it not worth the work to make it happen?

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I know there was already an older thread with very few posts on it but has anyone been actively working on miracles in vintage? Looking for any input who has tried to dabble with the deck in vintage. Or if you have just used the top/balance lock at all to any success. I love oath and wanted to play with sun titans but that doesn’t seem in the best position right now. Unless someone has been working on that as well 🙂

I’ll be working on a list and will try to give results once I get a good amount of testing in. Just need to decide if it should be straight controlling or be more midrange control.

Any input would be great!


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Nothing to troll about when it comes to a 7/7 first strike you can cast with eureka. Plus the loss of life will make your death shadows in your deck more lethal. Yeah it doesn’t draw 7 cards or have flying and lifelink, but when you die buy one you’ll never forget it and show the respect it deserves.

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I don’t hate it. Eureka is a very underrated card so no one will see it coming. If you play lightning greaves you can make cosmic horror pretty decent in a lot of match ups. Also only swords kills it. But not with greaves. It’s worth trying for sure.