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Extra copies discard to force of vigor...,

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They aren’t going to kill:

All versions of combo
And a couple versions of reanimator

To save a card that when combined in decks with time spiral can take forever to finish games.

This won’t take long until it gets banned in Legacy because of High Tide.

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Unless Vintage changes dramatically, this card will not see play.

It’s place is in legacy, where it is very good as a 1 of in d&t. Obviously helps vs lands and dark depths matchups, but also great in the mirror match and at worst trades with a delver.

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I think this is one of the best Counterspells ever printed, will 100% see vintage and legacy play, and is an awesome addition to the format

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The plus ability is pretty bad but not useless.

It’s more the 1 sided null rod effect (which is tough to get off the board for paradoxical) and the ability to wish for any card from your sideboard that screams vintage playable to me.

The only drawback is 4 mana is at the top of the curve for a lot of decks.

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i was tinkering around with different lists. i found sulfur elemental to be one of the best sideboard cards. Karn Silver Golem to be total dogshit. And you want to play all 8 rabblemasters

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Mono red blood moon only plays Black Lotus and Mox Ruby

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Modern Horizons will be a new set that bypasses standard, but will be tournament legal in all eternal formats starting with Modern. Expectations are for new archetypes to form in Modern from the set, with hopes for new archetypes in all eternal formats.

Obviously, this set is a great direction for Wizards to continue to develop the eternal formats and a much better way of doing it than Commander and strangely designed conspiracy/battle bond expansions.

Release is June 14, 2019.

Only 2 card have been spoiled/leaked so far. Let's not focus on the awesome implication of sets designed to create new archetypes in Eternal formats and focus solely on this new card: Cabal Therapist will look strikingly familiar to most vintage players.

Obvious first implications are that dredge gets MORE cabal therapy effects. But it cannot be cast from the graveyard. Would this enable a deck like Nic Fit in Legacy to have enough cards to become a playable deck in Vintage (Nic Fit abuses Veteran Explorer)?

The obvious difference between the two is cabal therapy gets cast from the graveyard, and can immediatly be cast again with flashback. Whereas Therapist can be used every turn, but provides no immediate information.

alt text

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That’s a great question. I haven’t really tested blood sun since the beginning when I was running a different build.

For starters I don’t think a deck can run both Blood Sun and Blood Moon because one of the greatest abilities of Sun is to take lands offline entirely. Playing a moon would allow them to tap it for something. It’s also too much of the same effect that really isn’t that back breaking.

The most material interaction would be Sun against Dredge and their access to nature’s claim allowing them back in the game. Whereas moon takes all of that away.

It would be an improvement vs Jeskai and Grixis becauze of the card drawing and turning fetchlands offline entirely. Sun is much worse against BUG lists. I think Assassin’s trophy will uptick the number of BUG lists in the format.

It would be better than moon against PO, for fetchlands and your own sol lands.

VS MUD, I would deny them mana and change their lands, which makes Moon much better. Blood sun does nothing to Ancient Tomb and Mishra’s Workshop. Blood sun makes them unable to activate Wasteland and Mishra’s Factory.....that’s basically a blank.