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Lots of cards that could be discussed that leave the feeling of hearing only half a story here, but I realize we need to respect your time. Can you at least comment why you don't recommend splashing for another color(s)? - Ramunap, Confidant, Queller are all enticing options with supplemental reasons in those colors to boot. Obviously the Wasteland package might take a hit, so it's a question of gains and losses in card evaluations. How much is the loss of 2-4 Wastelands to the strategy?

It's not that I don't recommend splashing for other colors. In fact, I mention in the opening post that this is just one of many ways to construct a hatebear strategy and that I welcome all discussion on other strategies including other colors as well. You hit the nail on the head with the time issue, though. It would take up a lot of time to write a primer that includes all viable options, especially when considering other colors as well.

That said, I do play other builds as well, including GW and GWB and I think that they are certainly valid directions to go. Ramunap I haven't tested very much, but as I mentioned earlier I think that the best way of exploiting Ramunap is to focus even more on the mana denial strategy. Green certainly offers some very good choices with Ramunap being only one of those. Gaddock Teeg, Qasali Pridemage, Elvish Spirit Guide and even Knight of the Reliquary are all strong. Confidant is obviously a very good card, but I think that's it's not a necessity anymore with the printing of Palace Jailer making the black splash slightly worse than it has been. I have never splashed for blue so I don't know how good Spell Queller is.

One thing to keep in mind when considering splashing for one or more colors is that it's a lot harder to support the Eldrazi Displacer plan and keeping a solid manabase. I'm not saying that that's the only way you should go, but in my opinion Displacer is so strong that it's definitely something to consider. You can play Brushland and Caves of Koilos but it does open up your manabase to Wastelands to a much higher degree than playing only playing one color.

I saw you playing GW a few days ago. What are your thoughts going forward? Any changes you would make to your list?