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@hardy Hey! My name on Cockatrice is Grizzly. I'm from the same time zone (switzerland). So hit me up when you're online!

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Would you mind sharing the doomsday list?

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We had a Death's Shadow deck running around in our local meta and it had a pretty good run back then. The Missteps are really good along the shadow. It was basically a powered legacy shadows deck. I don't know if he's still playing that deck, since i haven't been playing much lately.

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EW Europe seems to be on Christmas weekend...

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Personally, I wouldn't have started without proxies. I dipped into Vintage with Cockatrice from time to time without actually knowing the format, and when I heard that the local league used proxies I gave it a try, and now it's my favorite format.
I started because of proxies and stayed for the format. How would anyone even get into Vintage without proxies?
I'm a poor student and can't even afford duals right now, but I'm fortunate enough to live in a country where it's relatively easy to eventually buy into power. And I will. Because it has something special to it.

Owning power is and should be something to look up to. Be it because you spent a good chunck of your salary or because you're in possession of these cards since 1993.
Playing Magic (read Vintage) should be available for everyone. Just like everyone could proxy up a standard deck and have fun with their friends.
Sanctioned events are another story though. That NBA analogy was on point. Nobody forces you to play sanctioned events.

Until I get my Beta Power, I'll jam my altered Zendikar Basics as Power. After all proxies should look beautiful.

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With the release of Bolas's Citadel and the downfall of PO, I'm looking forward for TPS to be the go to Storm deck again.
The deck also dodges Narset to a certain degree with Necropotence and the Citadel itself.
I had pretty good results with it and was wondering if any of you were toying with this deck aswell and how you might have been doing.

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I'm not sure what the correct build looks like. I run the cantrip package and one draw7. 2 Narsets help the Thieves out in disrupting the opponent. (My meta is very Xerox-heavy).
I don't like Vault/Key's consistency issues either. I'cut the whole Tinker package before but then struggled to end games solely with Thief and Snapcaster. Tinker feels at least somewhat important.
Vault/Key could have it's place, but you might want both draw7s. (Not sure if that's correct either.)

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I somehow get the feeling that you want to beat the shops nut draw. In your examples you always talk about 2+ spheres and 2+ wastelands. So either you need to land your full jewelery on turn 1, so you can actually cast something on turn 2, or you play something that gets by all the spheres, namely ee for 2, which conveniently kills most of their threats aswell.
Other than that, I really don't see how any deck can beats the shops nut draw, since you never have access to any mana at all, except dredge or force of wills on the first turn.

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Do you see her in a hatebear list only? When she was spoilered I was wondering if she could actually be playable due to her ability to remove moxen from the game. She seemed to compete with Dack Fayden in that slot though.
I like Kaya as a character and this card is definitely interesting as she's not one of those boring planeswalker designs.

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The Q1 Vintage playoffs took place last saturday. Do we have any information on what happened, besides the occasional stream vods? There's no Top 8 on or on the wizards homepage.