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@ten-ten Do you have a spare decklist? I was looking for various applications for Briefing, but never thought about it in Bomberman.
I need to try it in there, as Bomberman is one of my petdecks. 😉

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@sovarius Oh wow, I meant Accumulated Knowledge... I probably had Ancestral Recall in my while replying.

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The only deck I could see this in, is Ubastax. You generally don't have cards in hand anyway and this would give you another card to go through your deck other than Bazaar.
However, this card needed to be an artifact in order to be even remotely considered.

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I played Control Slaver for quite some time where Gifts Ungiven really could turn the game around.
I'd recommend you going further into these control decks, as I don't think Gifts outshines PO in combo builds, but very well does put up some real value.
As you already mentioned, Gifts facilitates finding two card combos, especially if backed up with recursion (Goblin Welder, Yawgmoth's Will, etc.).
Whether or not that deck is still viable is another thing, but it used to be a solid deck in our local meta.

As for Intuition, I'd probably go for Ancestral Knowlegde.

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Hey everyone!
I've been an on and off reader for quite some time on TMD and now I'm writing here for the first time!
Since the restriction of the white devil as some might call it, I've been searching for a new pet deck to play and this one might be finally the deck and I wanted to share it. So without further ado:

The list started a while ago when our meta was somewhat Landstill/Shops infested. I didn't have much time lately to play much, so the deck did not evolve that much.

While it is capable of comboing off, like other Outcome decks by just nutdrawing Outcomes into Outcomes, double time walking and beating the opponent to death with elementals while wasting their lands, this deck can grind pretty hard aswell against other control decks, until one finds the spot to "combo off".
The list originally played Ruric Thar, the Unbowed or Inferno Titan instead of Titania, but she seems to play well with the wasteland effects. She's currently getting tested, so the switch back to the other anti combo/creature beaters might be possible. In that case the original list was running a Mystic Remora over the second Wasteland.
Daze has been surprisingly great for me as a one off, and the Liquimetal Coating can help randomly destroy permanents or mindcontrol them. This plays well into our manadenial strategy.
Overall this deck is super sweet and fun to play, especially when you get to sweep a MUD's board in a match, the next round you land a turn 1 Ruric vs combo and finally outgrind a landstill pilot.