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Jace's ability says you can cast the card, so it's not an ability from the card itself. And when the card is cast it goes to the stack so it's not in the gy anymore.

This happens with snapcaster too and I think flashback working is something about layers. But in both cases it 's supposed to work through jailer.

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@slimvesus there used to be some skullclamps around with ur pyromancer. Maybe it's really worth getting back to it.

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@wfain scooze really sounds bad at your list. I forgot to add that I really hate dredge and that I didn't have success with the normal hate package I used to have. Between all forces, missteps, shoals they have an answer to anything we might have so I overhate tô brute force the matchup. Scooze is bad as the single hate card, but before I get to play it I usually play 2 or 3 hate pieces to hold. And after the second hate piece, scooze is the best because it's harder to kill and can hold hollow ones back. But when you have like 4 other cheap hate cards beside scooze, it's really not that great. Possibly not even good 😕

PS: it's good against xerox and amazing against bug aggro and survival. It constantly win games on it's own.

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I've been trying something close to thelastgnu's list, and bazaar trademage as a 1 of has been pretty good. While Leovold is awesome against pyromancer decks, trademage has been good in most of the times I draw it. I don't think the second one would be great at bug though.

Ooze has been amazing. I'm using 1 in the main and 1 in the SB. When I play against dredge, it's better than containment priest. To have a shot against dredge we have to dilute the deck to a point where sometimes 1 or 2 hollow ones are enough to beat us. And as you know, enchantments and artifacts aren't good anymore as GY hate.

Ooze just becomes a monster, a hate card that is also an amazing finisher. Against survival it's ridiculous too, yesterday it won me a match against survival almost on it's own. It can be big against shops and against xerox it's pretty good at keeping GY at bay while being usually far from bolt range. It kinda reminds me of goyf in some matchups but it can win games on it's own. I'm not sold on the second one maindeck, but I'm sure 1 main 1 sideboard is the minimum I would play from now on.

I won't say I have the answer to how the deck should be, as I'm leaving MTGO a little bit aside in the last few months and there are a lot of things going on. When I thought I had it figured out, I started losing again to xerox (I was undefeated against it for like 10 matches, it was pretty easy for a while), and even oath has gotten better against the list I had. But whatever the best list looks like, I bet it has at least 1 copy of scooze.

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It works for me, but seems like it's on the old design. I guess it doesn't just redirect to the main site (as it normally does), but it's the old site.

The website without www is always different than the website with www, but usually when someone get a domain, they usually get the same domain without www just so that this link also access the same website, but it usually only redirect to the real website. In this case, the link without www has the old website.

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@boerma said in Tiny Forgebots:

On what number would you typically play Chalice of the Void? Everything from 0 through 4 seems to hurt your combo in some way.

Yeah, specially if you play more than 1. That would be so bad, I bet they wouldn't even let you enter a vintage tournament with such deck.

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The thing that is so appealing about old cards is their border. The art was simpler back then, and it's not a compliment. If new cards were printed with old border they would look better than most old cards. Of course it doesn't apply to all cards.