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Long championships are rarely a good experience for someone who is not into the competitive nature of mtg. It's actually why I completely dropped paper magic 3 years ago and I've never regreated it. Leagues are way more fun, we play as much as we want (and can), whenever we want. And that's what makes it awesome. And also that's not how challenges work. Challenges are like paper magic, which is bad.

It's good that you held yourself back. Sometimes we go with the flow and set ourselves up for a bad experience. Specially given how loud your complaints about the current state of vintage are. I've taken a time out, got an upgrade to my PC to play some better game and I'm playing from times to times. Makes the experience a lot better when I get to play.

Vintage or mtg isn't worse. It's just that we end up growing tired eventually. If someone doesn't grow tired of doing the same things everyday, something is wrong with that person.

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@stormanimagus memory journey is to not get decked without shuffling back key cards (gaea's blessing's substitute for a graveyard dependant oath) and mind funeral beats dredge decks that play only 4 bazaar as lands... in theory at least.

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I've tried the second list and being able to combo on the spot have been amazing. I was struggling against dredge because even though I got to activate oath against it like 80% of the time, I had less than 50% win rate. I just played a few matches against them and it seems way better of a matchup now. The only thing is that now list gets hit by graveyard hate. But this still seems better than the other versions and breach has been awesome.

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So, it's a tournament with DevOps training between rounds?

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It looks a lot like hanChoBai's turbo vengevines decks. They look like but are very different than survival. This one has mana, emry, recall and timewalk (and serpent?) to cast with mana. I wonder if those cards are worth not going manaless.

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Seems more reliable than lab man, as if it gets killed you still win the game, rather than losing (which would be the case with kill lab man in response to drawing with no cards).

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I think you'd have to have some way to get extra value by sacrificing this or something without being clunky. Otherwise, painful truths seems better.

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@mergalf it depends on what you are trying to accomplish (aka your list). Can you post it?

Btw, please refer to bazaar as bazaar, we actually had dark confidant in some lists, so it gets a bit confusing.

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Played a list with 3 OuaT, it felt pretty good. Honestly, before it the deck wasn't feeling good anymore. I had cut a Fow and 2 ouphe for it and the deck felt way more explosive.

I don't know about cutting survival without extra ajustment. OuaT may find bazaar, but if you rely too much on finding bazaar with it to be in the game, you're not in a favorable spot. Sometimes survival isn't great, but it's still the must-counter threat in fair matchups as it's always been.

Btw, how did sphynx perform? I felt OuaT gave the deck a lot of explosiveness, maybe your result was good more because of that change?

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I've seen a lot of Pioneer videos. I was trying to get the feeling of the format. And I think I got it. Unfortunately it's not a good feeling. Didn't see any fun and excitement in none of the videos.

I think the problem is that it's still too close to standard. And standard is boring as hell.

And also, even though it's a brand new format, it doesn't seem new. Actually it's not brand new. Modern was new. Modern 2.0 is a format that is born kinda old.