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@rbartlet sure is! 😛 hope America is treating you well!

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@Ten-Ten my list would be most likely based off of Shuhei or Brian Kelly's list.

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Thank you everyone for the advice! I really appreciate it.

In order to give further clarification, I envisioned a field of around 30-40 players with the majority of them being on some kind of cantrip fueled deck. We do have a large number of dredge decks here usually though that may change as we had a member move away and he usually supplied 2-3 dredge decks.

Last year our meta was dominated by shops however the event at GP Melbourne was suspiciously absent of shops pilots and I believe the subsequent Golem restriction to further dampen this.

I really do like the baleful strix as a great answer to the eldrazi deck.

I was also considering playing mono blue leyline Belcher in order to be faster than the dredge decks and faster ahead of the eldrazi decks.
Is this just worse than a more consistent welder engine or oath based strategy?

Thanks again!!

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Hello friends!

I am seeking advice on what to play at our local eternal masters event. I expect the meta to have 3-4 dredge decks, 3-5 weary shops pilots and the rest an assortment of blue decks with a potential for a couple white eldrazi decks.

I have the resources for most blue decks and that's my preferred choice, barring Eldrazi.

Is Bomberman Oath a good choice for this metagame? I'm unsure.