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@dstinct I think there are too many better cards to put in the maindeck than Relic.

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@anonymous said in [MH1] Wrenn and Six:

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Does anyone have a list to share with this card? I am very interested in any competitive list.

WUBRG by 2015 Vintage World Champion brianpk80

This deck is perfect. Why even bother with a basic island in 2019?

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The important thing here is that Wizards don't test for Vintage.

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If only they had the decency to print good looking upgrades to old cards. It's appalling how disgusting and undifferentiated an up-to-date deck looks compared to an old school deck. I gotta squint to figure out what card I'm looking at more often than I want with these new cards with cheap graphics.

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I don't enjoy enduring this sort of shake up when it was obvious that the new cards were going to be broken.

Looking at other player-moderated formats like Old School and how it thrives, I think it would be nice to have the Vintage format be regulated by dedicated players who are capable of identifying potentially problematic cards prior to release, and taking preventative measures to stop the format from becoming a hot mess following each release of a powerful card; or otherwise capable of acting quickly once a card is identified as problematic following release.

I wonder how long it'll take for Karn and/or Narset to be officially restricted. Vintage could be a much better format than it is now, and it doesn't ever have to be in the kind of state that it is in right now with competent management of B&R.