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If only they had the decency to print good looking upgrades to old cards. It's appalling how disgusting and undifferentiated an up-to-date deck looks compared to an old school deck. I gotta squint to figure out what card I'm looking at more often than I want with these new cards with cheap graphics.

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Does anyone have a list to share with this card? I am very interested in any competitive list.

WUBRG by 2015 Vintage World Champion brianpk80

This deck is perfect. Why even bother with a basic island in 2019?

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@poxeveryturn I've been playing a bit with your Ad Nauseam list, and I've been greatly enjoying it. It feels very light but is powerful and surprisingly resilient. Daze is very effective thanks to the high speed of the deck.

The Burning wish list and Pox list are great as well. Thank you for sharing them. I don't mean to derail this thread. I just want to mention that I keep thinking about ways to make a good Pox list in this meta, and that there must be a 75 that works, maybe including the new Karn, Ashiok, and other planeswalkers that dodge smallpox and gain incremental advantage.

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Good stuff. I think the quality of games would improve further if we restrict Narset and Karn, in addition to the proposed changes. Narset is boring to play against. Karn is boring to play, and play against.

I remember seeing Sharazad in an old school list and wondering why it's still banned in vintage, when there are so many other cards in the format that require a long time to do their thing. Chaos Orb, using Eternal Central rules, would also be unbanned if it were up to me.