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Grudge (leave 1 in for Hollow)
Basic land (depending on the build)

those are the cards I typically cut.

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@gutocmtt hello- Maybe I should of been more clear; RUG Xerox felt favored vs Bant Survival. Not only did I have a + win rate vs that deck but in testing with my crew RUG was favored as well. A lot goes into this though on so many different levels... how the players play each deck differently, the correct cards you see, and so on. I haven’t played Vintage in a few weeks since I haven’t been that interested so I haven’t played against the BUG version.

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When x4 Gush was still legal I was having a ton of success with my Grixis Pyromancer deck while alternating to RUG Delver as well (predicting the meta in the P9 events as I’d tend to lean toward RUG if I expected more shops). IMO, these style of Xerox decks are very vulnerable to Oath & Dredge. Sure, you can board in the Claim’s vs Oath but you really need to rely on Cage to carry you to victory which is not always a winning proposition as they bring in Grudge.
I think RUG Pyromancer is seeing a lot more success today due to the fall of Oath. It has game vs the current meta (especially in Leagues with Survival everywhere).
As for Skullclamp, I was never a fan of the card in Vintage.

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@stuart Agreed with you on all accounts! Again, great finish at SCG Con!

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@stuart solid results and great job!

I noticed your MB was 1 Card off from the list I got two 5-0 finishes with (only 1 posted). Looks like the difference was the +1 Revoker / -1 Metamorph

I recently started playing W Eldrazi in leagues again with the rise of PO, U Control and Xerox decks I was facing consistently which W Eldrazi is heavily favored imo. I’m from NJ so I normally will not bring W Eldrazi to any local tournaments with the amount of Shops players. Same for Challenges, pending on what I gauge from the players on Shops, I’ll stay away from W Eldrazi.

I think the two worst matchups for W Eldrazi are Shops and Colorless Eldrazi. However, in one of my 5-0 leagues I beat Shops 3 times and each game came down to sequencing and correct attacks.

Also, Glowrider has been and is the right choice to go along with, Thalia 1.0.

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Gix Unearthed
Loyalty [3]

+2: Tap target artifact, creature or land.
-3: Add BBBBB to your mana pool.
-5: Sacrifice all of your permanents except, Gix Unearthed. Each opponent loses X life and you gain X life where X is twice the number of permanents sacrificed.

Not broken, not amazing, but Gix is awesome

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@smmenen @ChubbyRain
This happened to me in the finals in the 7/22 challenge
Beat shops once in the Swiss and also in the quarters and semis
Lost in the finals to Jazza on insane t1/t2 hands.
Pretty much locked out immediately
#restrictworkshop but realistically #restrictsphere

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@Trius I'm not sure why you're directing anything toward me...
My comment was strictly to Matt just letting him know how the finals went.
Most decks throughout all formats are "stock" with the data everyone has.
Currently in Vintage, if you really want to take down a tournament you should play Mentor or Shops. If you want to play another deck, go ahead.

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@ChubbyRain I tried to beat him in the finals and failed. His g1 hand vs me was perfect for my hand. His g2 draw was just insane.