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Hey All,

I represent an LGS in Indianapolis, Indiana called Game Time. We have been hosting proxy-allowed Vintage tournaments once a month, and are looking to get some new faces into the mix. The events have traditionally been held on the last Saturday of every month, but we are open to moving the date if necessary. We would realistically need to keep it on the weekends, but we are not married to the last Saturday of the month idea. We usually do a $10 entry fee, most of which goes into the prize pool, to be paid out in store credit. If we get enough players to attend, we have included Revised Duel Lands as prizes in the past. Events are either three or four rounds, based on attendance. If you have any interest in attending, or any questions, feel free to call us (317-577-0900), e-mail us (, or check us out on Facebook (@gametimeindy).

Thanks for your time,